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1 day trip from Ho Chi Minh - Saigon coffee culture

People in Saigon frequently pick coffee for breakfast; coffee is part of the local culture. So, what is the origin of Saigon's coffee culture? Let's experience the Saigon coffee journey on 1 day trip from ho chi minh 

    • The Origin of Saigon coffee culture
    • Saigonese drinking coffee habit
    • Coffee tour - Explore Saigon's coffee culture 

To comprehend Saigon's coffee culture, you must first learn about the origins of coffee in Saigon and when and why Saigon residents enjoy it so much. Let's enjoy your 1 day trip from ho chi minh with Vespa Go Go.

1 day trip in ho chi minh

The Origin of Saigon coffee culture

Coffee beans were introduced to Saigon in the 19th century by the French. Most coffee beans at this time were Robusta coffee. Following the formation and development process, the French experimented with cultivating coffee in plantations throughout Vietnam. Da Lat and Lam Dong produce the highest-grade coffee. Initially, coffee was reserved for aristocrats, French officials, and intellectuals, and this coffee quickly became a popular drink in the life of Saigon residents. People in Saigon have increasingly become accustomed to drinking one cup of coffee in the morning daily; they enjoy a cup of coffee for an active working day.

racquetcoffee in 1 day in ho chi minh

Vietnam's most popular coffee lines are arabica coffee, robusta coffee, and cherry coffee. Coffee has been ingrained in Saigon people's culture for over a century and has become a refreshing drink in their daily lives. 

Saigonese drinking coffee habit 

Coffee is a popular beverage in many countries worldwide; nevertheless, each culture has its style and practice of drinking coffee. In a busy metropolis like the United States, for example, people frequently pick instant coffee - coffee to go, which Italians may enjoy for hours. People in Saigon enjoy coffee in an unusual way. People in Saigon drink coffee whenever they like; it is simple to imagine people with coffee cups talking joyfully on the sidewalk of Saigon Street. The image of Saigon folks with a cup of coffee may be found everywhere, from roadside cafes to upscale restaurants. 

coffee culture in 1 day in ho chi minh

People in Saigon frequently drink coffee with a lot of ice in the morning before going to work. Furthermore, ordering a coffee in Saigon will differ from that in Hanoi. When you order a cup of brown coffee in Saigon, the proprietor will offer you a black coffee. However, in Hanoi, you would get milk along with that cup of coffee. Coffee is usually the most popular drink from north to south. Iced milk coffee with condensed milk is the most popular coffee in Saigon. When served hot, it has a mild sweet flavor.

Coffee tour - Explore Saigon's coffee culture 

To experience the coffee-drinking culture of the Saigon people, there are two options: search for coffee shops using a Google map or take coffee excursions that capture the character of the Saigon people.

If you want to experience Saigon's coffee culture for yourself, here are some recommendations:

    • Saigon-sitting coffee can be found almost anywhere on the streets of Saigon; go down the road and pick a random establishment to enjoy your cup of coffee.
    • Saigonese prefer to have coffee in familiar places; therefore, look at the number of customers while choosing a coffee shop.
    • For more pleasant coffee places, search for "Cà phê ngon ở Sài Gòn" and select an address at the top.

If you are hesitant to search for information online, consider taking a coffee tour in Saigon. Choosing coffee will provide you with a novel experience.

    • Improve your understanding of Vietnamese coffee-drinking culture, from workers to office workers.
    • Make your coffee cups to understand how Saigon people make coffee
    • Experience the most typical local coffee shops.

Coffee is an essential cultural aspect of the people of Saigon. Coffee is a spiritual food and a location to connect with friends, in addition to being used to help wake up for a working day. Coffee cups also combine the stories of the people here, creating a completely different sensation. It is so exciting if you enjoy your cup of coffee on your 1 day trip from ho chi minh 

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