1 day in ho chi minh city - What things to do ?

1 day in ho chi minh city - What things to do ?

Many tourists choose Vietnam as one of their destinations and they decide to spend 1 day in ho chi minh city to experience Saigonese’s real life. So, what should you do if you just have one day to explore Saigon?

This article will offer some fantastic ideas for things to do in 1 day in ho chi minh city. You will experience authentic Saigon, from the cuisine to the people. 

1. Try local foods 

2. Must-do activities in 1 day in ho chi minh 

3. Nightlife in ho chi minh city 

Try local foods

Saigonese breakfast is said to have the flavors of all three of Vietnam's regions: North - Central - South. They are quite busy on weekdays, so they frequently prefer fast food such as sticky rice, bread, and rice. On the weekends they will have more time to enjoy their full breakfast.  

In general, Saigonians' cuisine is fairly diversified, with several options. If you only have 1 day in ho chi minh city, you can taste the foods from the following menu:

1. Steamed Meat Buns
2. Vietnam Hand-cut Rice Noodle 
3. Steamed Rice Rolls 
4. Pho 
5. Banh mi
6. Crab and Tomato Vermicelli Soup  

And breakfast in Saigon should be combined with a cup of coffee. Vietnamese iced milk coffee is a drink that increases alertness, making all daily activities more effective. 

During the Vespa Go Go tours, you can make your own cup of coffee with your favorite taste. 

3 must-do activities in 1 day in ho chi minh city

Ho Chi Minh City is one of Vietnam's most important economic centers, as well as a hub for various cultural, entertainment, and educational events. You could be given a glimpse of Asian culture through the famous architecture of Saigon. It is regarded as the "Pearl of the Far East" in particular because of its architecture and legacy, as well as the vibrant culture. 

Sit-down coffee

There are numerous well-known tourist sites in Saigon. This city is fairly active and vibrant on the weekends. People in Saigon regularly spend their weekends visiting cafés with wonderful views, sipping coffee and chatting with pals.

Sit-down coffee is a prominent tradition in Saigon. The culture of coffee among the locals is particularly distinctive. Saigon sit-down cafe has a cheap price, an open space and flexible location. They only need a spot on the sidewalk to set up an incredible coffee shop and this is the best way to enjoy Saigon taste. 

Explore Saigon by unique vehicles 

Going about Saigon and exploring iconic locations in a novel way is another real Saigon experience. Many tourists like to go around Saigon by cyclo, which is the most popular mode of transportation. In addition to the cyclo, you can go about Saigon via vespa, walk tour or motorbike tour. It is an exciting experience when visiting Saigon. 

Tips: To avoid being ripped off by local drivers, consider bargaining or contacting travel agencies to refer to some tour prices.

Drink beer 

Beer drinking culture has become one of Saigon's most cohesive cultures. Many regard drinking beer as a unique kind of communication between friends. Beer bars and pubs are plentiful in Saigon. People will freely offer you a beer, so always be ready to cheer! 

People in Saigon enjoy drinking beer with ice, and beer tastes even better when paired with appetizers. They frequently drink beer late at night in the busy streets, drinking until they are inebriated and then going home.

Nightlife in ho chi minh city 

Saigon is regarded as the "Never Sleeping City." Saigon's nightlife is busier and more vibrant, with many places to dine, drink, and entertain. People frequently have fun in a bar, go to shopping malls, or simply enjoy all kinds of night food in Saigon. 

Tourists can undertake the following things to experience Saigon at night: 

1. Try Saigon street food 
2. Explore the city in Landmark 81 - the highest building 
3. Drink beer in Bui Vien Street
4. Drink wine in Saigon bar 

To fully immerse yourself in Saigon, book a 1-day trip in Ho Chi Minh City. Booking a tour allows you to save time traveling while enjoying all facets of Saigon life in a single day.

You can choose Vespa Go Go, where you can experience Saigon in your new way. Contact us for more information!


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