Must-try food in 1 day in saigon

Must-try food in 1 day in saigon

Tourists visiting Vietnam can appreciate the characteristics of Asian culture. Saigon tourism has progressively evolved into the ideal itinerary for foreign tourists visiting Vietnam. What will we eat in Saigon if we have 1 day in Saigon?

When it comes to Asian food, you will be "Wow" by the diversity of delicacies available. Saigon cuisine will take you from the roadside pavement booths to the most luxurious restaurants without losing the authentic taste of Saigon. Get ready to enjoy a Vietnamese food tour in Saigon. 

1 day in saigon

To get the most out of Saigon cuisine, read this article about 1 day meals in Saigon, we will supply useful food information in this crowded city:

1. Culinary features in 1 day in Saigon
2. Sai Gon Bread
3. “Pho” - Vietnamese noodle soup 
4. “Com tam” - Vietnamese broken rice 
5. Saigon Street Food

Before we go into the specifics of each distinctive cuisine in Saigon, let's learn about the people's culinary origins and culinary features. You will obtain the best insight into Saigon cuisine from there. 

Culinary features in 1 day in Saigon

When visiting Saigon, you will appreciate the distinctive and extremely delicious dishes. Saigon is regarded as the culinary epicenter of Southeast Asia, a melting pot of cultures from China, India, France, and America. Saigon cuisine is a synthesis of the city's eating habits and spiritual culture.

Ho Chi Minh City is famous for its streets lined with sidewalk cafes and street delicacies. The shops in Saigon are open at all hours of the day and night. If you have a day in Saigon, you should try the cuisine of all meals in a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here are some Saigon specialties that you should try if you have 1 day in Saigon:

Sai Gon Bread

Vietnamese bread has brought Vietnam to friends all over the world, becoming the epitome of Vietnamese food. The simple bread recipe consists of flour mixed with water and yeast, which is then formed into various forms by the baker. The bread will be served with accompaniments such as meat, eggs, sausage, cucumber, coriander,... to improve the flavor of the ancient bread.

1 day in sai gon

Saigon bread offers a wide variety of options. The most well-known is meat bread, which is made of meat, butter, rolls, pate, cold meat, cilantro, and chili. They combine to make a bread that is distinctly Vietnamese.

“Pho” - Vietnamese noodle soup 

One of the national meals of Vietnam is Pho. Saigon's Pho is a little softer and sweeter than Hanoi's. Pho is often used to substitute breakfast, lunch, and dinner in people's daily meals. 

pho sai gon in 1 day in sai gon

A bowl of Saigon-style Pho, in particular, must be served with bean sprouts and herbs. Saigon pho soup is made with chicken bones and has a somewhat darker color than Hanoi pho. The sweetness of sugar is immediately discernible in Saigon Pho. If you visit Saigon and want to be authentic Saigonese, try Pho; you will be pleasantly delighted by its flavor. 


“Com tam” - Vietnamese broken rice 

Rice is one of the most important ingredients in every Vietnamese dinner. Com Tam, in particular, adds a certain elite to the culinary culture of the Saigon people. Com Tam is produced from broken rice grains and milled, after that it is typically served with ribs, cucumber, and tomato.

1 day in saigon

It is not difficult to find a “Com tam” restaurant in Saigon. Broken rice goes well with omelets, sausages, and other side dishes.  It is a combination of many flavors but very harmonious to create a typical Saigon dish of Com Tam.

Saigon Street Food 

Young Saigonese enjoy street food as a snack. Walking around the city, you can easily find sidewalk and roadside eateries serving a variety of unique foods. The foods are served straight from street vendors on the sidewalk, and you will be able to see the entire food manufacturing process.

If you have a day in Saigon, you must try the meals that capture the essence of Saigon cuisine. However, selecting a restaurant for first-time visitors to Saigon will be tough; instead, try Vespa Go Go's food tour - We will bring you to the maximum experience of Saigon's food. 

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