a day in saigon

Saigon street food: What to eat in a day in Saigon?

Saigon is known as the “Pearl of the Far East" of Indochina, and it is the busiest and most developed location in Vietnam, not only for its lively entertainment activities. It also has a long-standing cuisine. So, if you come to Saigon, what will you eat in a day in saigon?

a day in saigon

Here are the things tourists should know about Saigon cuisine: 

  • The typical Saigon cuisine
  • Saigon food market
  • Three must-try dishes in Saigon 

The typical Saigon cuisine 

Saigon cuisine is the intersection of many different cultures, which is a meeting spot for traditional Eastern and Western cultures, combining ancient and modern features. Visitors visiting Saigon can sample the whole cuisine of various countries, as this is the meeting point of culinary cultures from big countries such as China, the USA, Japan, Australia, France, India, and other countries. 

Traditional cuisine has an immense influence on Saigon's culinary culture. Besides luxury restaurants, Saigon cuisine associates with the image of sidewalk eateries. You can easily see pictures of street vendors, coffee racquets, knock-on noodles, etc. These images bring specialty typical of Saigon traditional cuisine. 

a day in saigon

As the city grows, the food needs of the people also change. Sidewalk dishes are becoming more and more diverse, such as mixed rice paper, grilled rice paper, snails, fried fish balls, etc. Besides, there are international street snacks such as dumplings, Korean rice cakes, Thai hot pots, etc. However, the dishes are still processed, followed by the bold culinary culture of the Saigon people. 


Saigon food market 

Saigon is well-known for its many historic marketplaces with a wide range of goods. You can purchase various goods, from low-cost to high-end products, fresh food, and souvenirs. The markets in this area are where people's buying and selling activities occur most actively. The markets, also known as the Saigon food market, sell a variety of foods. All roadside eateries gather in a small market. From Western to Asian foods, Saigon delicacies and other regions of Vietnam are available in the market. Furthermore, these markets are exceptionally crowded at night, with sidewalk shops and Saigon street food. 

a day in saigon

Three must-try street food in Saigon 

Vietnamese pancake 

“Banh xeo" is a traditional and well-known Vietnamese meal. Many travelers that visit Vietnam will experience these dishes. This dish is also modified to suit each taste of the diners better its flavor.

The term "Banh xeo" derives from the sound made when bakers put the dough into the pan, which produces a "sizzling" sound. Many may find this meal almost anywhere in Vietnam. People usually eat Banh xeo in the rainy season. Unlike other cuisines, this recipe is prepared simply with a few essential components while maintaining the dish's harmony.  If you have a day in Saigon, you can try Vespa GoGo food tours, where you can taste “Banh xeo" dish in Saigon traditional way.

a day in saigon

Rice paper mix

The rice paper mix originates from Tay Ninh province, where there are many traditional rustic foods, such as rice paper with dew, salted shrimp, and cake soup. Tay Ninh has a lot of sunlight and a lot of fog at night, so locals here have used this to manufacture dew-dried rice paper. People originally wanted to use scraps of rice paper when drying and mixing it with oil or satay.

a day in saigon

Mixed rice paper is a popular sidewalk snack for Vietnamese students. The recipe for rice paper is quite simple, but it is combined with many common ingredients. The dish is transformed and becomes a unique dish from color to taste. Each bag of rice paper usually only ranges from 15,000 - 20,000 VND but has enough quality topping. This dish is derived from the mixed cake in Long An province, further improved with beef jerky, quail eggs, green mango, and papaya.


Vietnameѕe ѕpring roll 

“Goi cuon” is a fresh and light dish on a hot day in Saigon from the Southern provinces. Without grease for frying, the food is simple but rich in nutrients. You may easily find meat and shrimp Pho rolls in sidewalk eateries to street stalls. 

a day in saigon

Pho Roll's ingredients include lettuce, bean sprouts, basil, herbs, dried shrimp, perilla, boiled meat, and fresh shrimp wrapped in rice paper. If they are dipped in fish sauce spice, they will be even more delectable. Tourists can find Pho rolls on almost every street corner or market corner in Saigon.

To discover authentic local dishes, let Vespa GoGo take you on an antique Vespa to explore Saigon street food. Please contact us to know more! 


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