acoustic bar saigon

Acoustic Bar Saigon - Nightlife Guide in Vietnam

People in Saigon frequently go to bars at night to let their hair down after tolling away at work. That’s why every corner in Saigon’s street became more bustling then. One of the most enjoyable activities is listening to acoustic music at the bar, a popular trend for many who enjoy listening live music. Vespaagogo will accompany tourists to discover all terms of acoustic bar Saigon. 

Bar Culture in Saigon
Explore Saigon Bars at night 
Acoustic Bars in Saigon 

acoustic bar saigon
When discovering bar culture in Saigon, you must be astonished. Going around Saigon, travelers can easily find a bar with good wine, excellent bartenders, and high-quality food. But to enjoy music, there are some things you need to know: 

Bar Culture in Saigon

In Vietnam, going to bar culture differs from the region; for instance, Hanoi and Saigon have their way of tasting cocktails. In Saigon, “sweet" is one of the favorite savors, mixed with herbs, and in Hanoi, cocktails will bring rich flavors with diverse aromas. If a guest in Hanoi requests a sour beverage, it will be a pure sour cocktail, with the tart flavor nearly drowning out the surrounding scents, such as ginger to ginger and cinnamon to cinnamon. It also illustrates how carefully Hanoians selected a pub that fits their atmosphere. 

acoustic bar saigon

In Saigon, the sky becomes darker, which is when Saigon Street becomes more animated. Bars have sprung up on every street. The exciting thing is that it is simple to spot a location that frequently changes business model; one month, it may have been a cafe, but the next might be a restaurant, bar, or clothes shop. 

The Saigon bars' concepts, styles, and prices are incredibly varied. People in Saigon generally like to explore and experience when they go to bars. They frequently choose different bars rather than sticking with a well-known one for a long time to try new things.

Explore Saigon Bars at Night 

Saigon people typically go to the bar sooner than Hanoi since their nightlife begins at 6 o’clock. They frequently stay out late in bars. Tourists can notice that even after midnight, the streets of this "City that Never Sleeps" are still bustling with activity. A new bar model debuts each year in Saigon. A few notable examples include:

Outdoor Bar: Outdoor pub, also known as open pub, refers to a large, open area not enclosed by four walls. A pub providing alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic options is typically present. Additionally, the restaurant serves small snacks.
Rooftop Bar: If you want to spend time in a fun environment while taking in a panoramic view of the bustling metropolis, watching the street lights come on and the hectic traffic lights of the city, a rooftop bar is an ideal location. 
Acoustic Bar: The bars in a quiet city area combine drink and music to give patrons a genuinely distinctive sense of Saigon. Try the acoustic bar if you're searching for a place to unwind after a long day. 

Because young people in Saigon are predisposed to enjoy life, many locals favor the bar format with live music. Acoustic bars are also available for individuals who prefer peace in the bustling city of Saigon.

Acoustic Bar in Saigon

Acoustic bars are usually concentrated in the neighborhood of District 3 in Saigon. In addition to the typical bars, there will be wine with live music on the weekends. Tourists can enjoy wine while listening to music with the sound of guitars and Cajoin drums. The exciting thing about enjoying acoustic music in bars is that you can interact with the band, or if you are confident enough, you can also be one of the singers that evening.

acoustic bar saigon
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