activities in saigon

Nightlife activities in Saigon: What to do in Saigon at night?


During the day, Saigon looks like a historic, dignified city with bold French architecture. In contrast, Saigon at night delivers the commotion of a crowded street with its food and entertainment options. Moreover, activities in Saigon at night are exceptional in an extraordinary way. 

activities in saigon at night

1. The Culture of Saigon's Nightlife 
2. Popular activities in Saigon at night 
3. Saigon night cuisine

The Culture of Saigon's Nightlife 

Saigon, known as the “City that Never Sleeps," comes alive when the clock strikes 24. If you can visit Saigon, you must experience this city's nighttime beauty and flavors. You will be amazed by the variety of nightlife activities and the bustle of cafes, restaurants, bars, and clubs.  

It is a time when people enjoy the lively life of the town after a long day of work. Along with the sound of a bustling city, Saigon appears shimmering with lights from high-rise buildings shining down on the surface of the Saigon River. Besides that, the sound of empty glasses from roadside beer businesses reverberates across the city at night. In Australia, the nightlife is concentrated on Friday and Saturday. Saigon is active every day from Monday to Sunday. Compared to Western nations, shopping and entertainment activities often stop early. 


Popular activities in Saigon at night 

The nightlife activities in Saigon are pretty diversified, and you can choose one of the activities that interest you the most from the list below:

Drinking beer 

Beer drinking culture in Saigon takes place during the day, and they can “drink” at any time, any site at night. Evening beer-drinking activities are frequently concentrated on Bui Vien Street, West Street. This boulevard is bustling from dark until dawn, with hundreds of cafes, restaurants, and pubs on both sides. Aside from Bui Vien Street, you may also choose to drink beer with a view of the sky at one of the beer cafes on high. You may see the entire city from above and enjoy a beer in a peaceful location with a stunning virtual living view. At the sky rooftop beer, you are drinking beer and enjoying Vietnamese music. 

Acoustic music 

Because of the increasing demand, live music coffee is gradually developing in Saigon. After a long day at work, many people only need a place to chill and enjoy music. They go to a cafe or a pub and drink alcohol while listening to live music. Acoustic music is quite popular in Saigon, peaceful music performed solely with instruments such as guitar, jazz drums, Cajon drums, etc. In which the band will perform great songs from Vietnam and around the world. You can enjoy the music while drinking a cocktail and standing at the bar. 

activities in saigon at night

Walking Street 

A pedestrian street is a roadway dedicated to pedestrians, with open space and full service in one lane. Besides the sidewalk shops, the pedestrian street has fashion boutiques, gift shops, and entertainment events. On weekends, the pedestrian street is usually the busiest, with many music events from large businesses. Furthermore, young people in Saigon frequently have exciting activities on this street, such as painting, dancing, playing games, etc. You can even eat street food while walking down the road.  

Saigon night cuisine

The food you enjoy during the day, such as pho, com tam, bread, … can also be enjoyed at night. However, Saigon cuisine is pretty diverse at night, with many options. Night eateries in Saigon frequently open late, and the price will often be higher than during the day. 

activities in saigon at night

If you want to experience Saigon cuisine at night to the fullest, you can visit the night markets here. The markets are generally open until 2 or 3 am, and most night market food is street-style and reasonably priced. When you visit the night market, you can have snacks like pancakes, Korean rice cakes, egg cups, or seafood delicacies like snails, seafood with spicy sauce, etc. You can choose Vespa Go Go, where you can experience Saigon in your new way. Contact us for more information! 


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