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Best Cafes In Saigon - HCMC What To Do 2023

Enjoying a cup of coffee in Saigon will differ from other countries. This drink has come into the life of every Saigonese. The more coffee you drink, the more you'll learn about life and people here. In the HCMC What To Do section, you can try your hand-brewed coffee.

Vespa A Go Go will take you to traditional Saigonese coffee shops where you can drink coffee in various ways. In addition, you will learn about the Vietnamese coffee-drinking culture and history.

hcmc what to do

Coffee Culture in HCMC

When it comes to the typical drink of Saigon people, it is coffee. Coffee in Saigon is appropriate for people of all ages and walks of life; you may invite anyone to a good cup of coffee. Since then, coffee has become the people's go-to beverage. A unique feature of Saigon is that you don't need a friendly coffee shop to drink coffee; you only need a few plastic seats on the sidewalk.

hcmc what to do

People in Saigon drink coffee whenever they want. Coffee models in the city are growing increasingly diverse. The cafes are also taken care of in terms of space with city-view restaurants. Roadside cafes, on the other hand, are still infused with Saigon culture.

Saigon Coffee Style 

Since time immemorial, coffee enthusiasts have been crafting a filter to make their delicious cups of coffee. As a result, making Saigon-style coffee is as simple as drinking coffee in the morning with the morning newspaper. Today's Saigon coffee has been increasingly improved with beautiful cafes, and polite space is ideal for meeting partners, working, and friends.

People in Saigon frequently drink coffee with some milk; they might get an iced milk coffee, silver suu, or fresh milk coffee. Furthermore, Saigon's coffee cups are sometimes filled with ice instead of drinks. Coffee in Saigon comes in various styles, each with its distinct flavor. Coffees that are popular in Saigon include:

Racquet Cafe: Visitors can enjoy the genuine taste of coffee with the coffee racket, named after how individuals are made.

Sitting Coffee: This is a typical Saigon coffee; people frequently go to the street to enjoy coffee on the sidewalk. It may be transformed into a cafe with just a few chairs and a tiny table.

Sidewalk Coffee: This is how Saigon people enjoy street coffee, little cafes open on the sidewalk, and you can turn to order a cup of coffee to go or enjoy coffee on the sidewalk while watching the streets of Saigon. This is a fascinating experience.

hcmc what to do

Coffee Shop in Saigon 

If you visit Saigon, you can find a roadside cafe within a few hundred meters. Depending on the preferences of tourists, coffee shops will frequently sell them in conjunction with other drinks, such as smoothies and fruit juices. Coffee shops typically serve two varieties of coffee: iced milk coffee and black coffee. However, because Saigonians have a sweet tooth, iced milk coffee is always the finest option.

hcmc what to do

Cheo Leo Cafe, a traditional coffee business, has been open in Saigon for a long time. Cheo Leo, Saigon's oldest racket cafe, has been a distinctive beauty in the city's center for over 80 years. The café has an ancient beauty with the articles written about the shop in glass frames and a traditional design.

In this HCMC what to do section, Vespa A Go Go will bring tourists native experiences on tour to learn the coffee-drinking culture of Saigon people. Please contact us right away for the most complete advice.

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