one day trip ho chi minh

Best Incredible Tours in One Day Trip Ho Chi Minh City

Suppose you’re too familiar with the usual Saigon trips. You want to try something new in this city. Vespa A Go Go will take you on an exciting one-day trip Ho Chi Minh City. This is a journey to discover Saigon on your way; the tour guide will show you the lives of the people of Saigon and the city's rich traditions.

The following tours are available to visitors:

1. Saigon Tours for Lady 
2. Saigon Tours for Gentlemen
3. Saigon Secret Tour

one day trip ho chi minh

Saigon Tours For Lady

Visitors will experience Vietnamese women's culture, such as washing hair, making pottery, and preparing pancakes throughout the ladies' tour to discover Saigon. In addition to these activities, the tour guide will educate you about the culture and beauty of Vietnamese ladies. Tourists can participate in the following actions:

Making Pottery: Making pottery is one of the Vietnamese people's ancient cultural treasures. Vietnamese artisans have created works of art with exquisite intricacies using diligence, meticulousness, and ingenuity. Nowadays, activities such as pottery production are extensively diffused among young Vietnamese to preserve the beauty of the national culture.

one day trip ho chi minh
Hair-Washing: Every Vietnamese woman values her hair and carefully selects the proper shampooing procedures. Shampooing with herbs is one of the ancient Vietnamese women's ways. Herbs make hair softer, smoother, and non-toxic.
Vietnamese pancake: Banh Xeo is a popular snack among Saigon residents. Despite not being from Saigon, this food is quite famous among Saigon residents. Banh Xeo has a great taste when coupled with dipping sauce and has a simple preparation.

Saigon Tours for Gentlemen

Travelers will participate in a variety of exciting activities as they travel to explore Saigon in the manner of gentlemen. Vespa A Go Go will take guests through activities such as hairdressing, beer drinking, and massage to learn more about the culture of the people of Saigon. When visiting Saigon, this will be a trip worth taking. The following actions are examples:

Hairdressing: Hairdressers in Saigon are all artisans who use their skills to design men's haircuts. Visitors to Saigon spa salons can get enough cutting, cleaning, and drying combinations experiences. 
Craft Beer: Craft beer has caught the hearts of young Vietnamese people since its inception, and the number of shops and workshops has grown significantly. Saigon is proud to be the country's significant cultural convergence and the origin of the Vietnamese craft beer wave, and it boasts numerous well-known craft beer establishments.

one day trip ho chi minh

Saigon Secret Tour

Because Saigon is one of Vietnam's major cities, its tourist attractions always draw many domestic and foreign visitors to visit and explore. Many distinct sites with a wide range of activities promise to provide various exciting experiences. During their journey to explore the hidden mysteries of this city of millions of people, tourists will encounter Saigon in a variety of ways:

Saigon Temple: Vietnamese belief culture is one of the cultures that demonstrates the Vietnamese people's human values, lifestyle, rituals, and habits. Temples in Saigon frequently feature distinctive architecture that conveys many cultural themes. Tourists can visit notable temples such as Chantarangsay, and Phu Chau Floating Temple. 
Sweet Soup in Saigon: On hot summer days, sweet soup is one of the most popular foods among Vietnamese. The pleasant perfume and sweet taste of sweet soup dishes always excite sweet lovers. Sweet soup in Saigon is highly varied, with different ingredients including green beans, black beans, and red beans.

one day trip ho chi minh

The choices above are for engaging experiences in a one-day trip Ho Chi Minh City. All this is included in the Vespa A Go Go experience trips; contact us today for more details!


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