what to do in hcm

Best Places to Enjoy Beer in Saigon: What To Do In HCM

One of the exciting activities that every traveler should do is explore traditional beer bars in Saigon. Do you need to know where to drink beer in the heart of Saigon, even though numerous shops are nearby? Want to locate a cozy beer bar with a beautiful atmosphere, stylish beer glasses, and some unusual but excellent dishes? If you need help with what to do in HCM, check out Vespa A Go Go's Beer Passion Tour.

what to do in hcm

Types of Beer in Vietnam

With the highest beer consumption in Southeast Asian countries, Vietnamese people are exposed to various beers. The following are the top three most popular Vietnamese beers: 

1. Draft Beer (Bia Hoi): Bia Hoi is a draft beer from North Vietnam produced for immediate drinking; hence, it is not generally pasteurized before canning. This Vietnamese draft beer is unique because it can develop sour if refrigerated above 6 °C for longer than two days. Draft beer has a shelf life of 20-30 days. Most Vietnamese breweries and small pubs make this beer daily, then, for a short period, sell directly from steel kegs regularly. 

2. Canned Beer (Bia Lon): There are several large beer brands in Vietnam today, including foreign and native brewers. Heineken beer, Saigon beer, and Hanoi beer are some of Vietnam's most popular beer brands. To meet the beer-drinking needs of the Vietnamese, beer firms are aggressively developing new beers that are more diverse in terms of packaging, taste, and beverage quality. 

what to do in hcm

3. Craft Beer (Bia Thu Cong): Over 30 craft brewers launched in Vietnam in 2018. As craft beer consumption grows, beer brands emerge and grow swiftly. Pasteur Street Brewing Company, in particular, received the honorable prize for Asian artisan beer.

Places to Drink Beer 

There are numerous venues in Saigon where travelers can enjoy a fast beer. Beer shops can be found every few meters on the streets of Saigon. Aside from street beer bars, guests can sample beers served in bars or pubs. When drinking beer in Saigon, this is also an exciting experience. Vespa A Go Go will recommend a few craft beer establishments for you to visit.

1. Craft beer at Pasteur Street: Pasteur Street has continuously improved and introduced to the public quality, unique, and daring beers since successfully making the first batch of beer in Vietnam in 2014. Pasteur Street's offerings are all inspired by Vietnamese specialty ingredients and American brewing processes. 

2. THE DECK Saigon: The Deck Saigon is a bar on the banks of the Saigon River that was named one of the best spots in the world to relax with music and beverages by the British Guardian newspaper. From the start, it is clear that this is one of the pubs in Saigon with the most breathtaking outlook.

what to do in hcm

Guide to Drink Beer in Saigon 

Saigon residents frequently drink beer in the evenings after work; if you want to experience the street beer culture of Saigon residents, drink beer between 6 and 8 p.m. Aside from premium beer bars, most roadside beer vendors provide draft beer for around 10,000 - 15,000 VND per cup.  

what to do in hcm

When drinking beer in Vietnam, you should avoid driving or controlling any mode of transportation. You can get a driver to take you home by calling Grab or Taxi. There will always be insurance to protect each of your journeys if you join a Vespa A Go Go tour. For additional information, please contact us to know what to do in HCM. 

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