day trips from saigon

The Best Day Trips from Saigon - 2023 Guide Update

If you have a long holiday to travel to Saigon, it is best to experience everything in this vibrant city. But, if you just have a quick trip or a short business in Saigon, you can refer to some of the below advice from Vespa GoGo to enjoy your best day trips from Saigon. 

day trips from saigon

At each time of the day, you also explore the own beauty of this city with exciting activities. Depending on your schedule, you can choose one of the tours in this list: 

  • Saigon Morning Tour
  • Saigon Sightseeing Tour
  • Saigon Night tour 

Saigon Morning Tour 

Saigon's atmosphere in the morning is the best time of all day. Tourists can feel the fresh air on the streets and roads, which generates energy for the whole day. Saigon people usually exercise in the morning; exercise is prevalent in Saigon. These activities will occur in parks around the lake or in new urban areas. 

It is necessary to have a nutritious breakfast to prepare for the entire working day. Saigon's breakfast is relatively diverse, with many choices from North - Central - South cuisine of Vietnam. Aside from “Pho" close to the South River of Vietnam, you can try “Com Tam," a specific dish of the Saigon people. Broken rice is too whole for breakfast, unlike other regions. You still have many alternative quick foods such as bread, sticky rice, or dumplings, all typical breakfasts in Saigon.  

It would be better if have brown coffee in Saigon people's breakfast, which is a particular point in the eating habits of Saigon people. Coffee is the flavor drink of people here, which brings alertness to the working time. 

day trips from saigon

Saigon Sightseeing Tour 

To explore your day trips from Saigon, you first need an answer on how to go. There are many ways to go around Saigon, such as by bus, motorbike, or car. If you choose to travel by bus, you can refer Hop-On Hop-Off Vietnam Bus Tour by GetYourGuide. You will experience a 2-floor bus with a higher-view city. 

day trips from saigon

If you want another local experience, you can go around Saigon by Vespa, a unique trip in Saigon. Vespa GoGo provides full Vespa service to explore Saigon on your way. You will be seated behind a motorcycle and will have the opportunity to participate in Saigon traffic, and only Asian countries have this kind of experience. Saigon has 22 areas, including 16 districts, five provinces, and one city. The famous tourist attractions mainly focus on District 1, Saigon, and you can go through the historic buildings from the French colonial period and skyscrapers in Saigon Center. 

Saigon Night tour 

Saigon is renowned as the "City that Never Sleeps" because of the flurry of activity at night. Saigon night dishes are diverse, from sidewalk snacks to luxurious Asian-U restaurants. With the combination of traditional and foreign cuisine, diners will surely be satisfied when coming to Saigon. Walking on the pedestrian street is a typical nighttime activity in Saigon. If you need to figure out what to do in the evening, go to the pedestrian street, where you may enjoy various activities ranging from cuisine to fun.

day trips from saigon

If you want calm, relaxing drinking, Saigon's bars are ideal. You can have a glass of wine or a beverage at the bars while listening to live music. When visiting Saigon, this is a fascinating experience. Vespa Go Go has everything you need. Let Vespa GoGo lead you on your best day trips from Saigon.


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