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Drinking Culture: Saigon what to do 2023

The drinking habit of Saigon people is unique compared to other countries. Saigon people consider beer a refreshing drink and an activity to connect with friends. If you have a short trip and are stuck for ideas, Vespa GoGo will answer the question Saigon what to do for you. 

Saigon is famous for its cuisine and culture, which express the value of Vietnamese people, country, and soul. Meanwhile, the Drinking culture is one of the long-lasting cultures, showing the friendliness and generosity of Saigon people. In this article, Vespa GoGo will reveal the picture of the drinking culture in Saigon and some tips for you to enjoy:

Saigon drinking trends

Beer is considered a fast-moving trend of drinking in Saigon, compared to the drafts and crafts trend in the US. In Vietnam, drinks such as wine, liquors, or cocktails usually are for high-income people, and beer is a popular drink for all. In fact that Saigonese spends more money on drinking than eating, and mostly is men. Statistics from the Ministry of Health and WHO 2016 show that more than 77 percent of men drink alcohol, and in recent years, woman in Vietnam has begun to drink more. 

saigon what to do

Known as the city never sleeps, Saigon people drink beer every time of the day, especially afternoon and evening. On weekdays, they will enjoy a cup of beer after stressful working hours by the end of the day and then go home. In contrast, on weekends, they have time to enjoy for the last minutes; they can drink from dust to dawn. 

Local beers in Vietnam 

According to statistics, Vietnam has the highest beer consumers in Southeast Asia. Beer will be manufactured with an alcohol content ranging from 1% to 8%, with the majority of beer in Vietnam being 5%. The primary raw material used in beer production is barley. Still, other elements, such as water, yeast, and Houblon flowers, are also utilized to create a unique flavor for each brew.

In Vietnam, various self-produced beer brands are top-rated. Since the economy opened in 1990, the beer sector in Vietnam has gradually developed, and many major beer brands worldwide have expanded into Vietnam. To gain market share, several businesses produce beer with low alcohol content, non-alcoholic beer, or fermented juice. Vespa GoGo will list below the top 10 favorite beers in Saigon: 

Saigon Beer
Tiger Beer
Hanoi Beer 
Corona Beer
Budweiser Beer
Sapporo Beer
Huda Beer
Halida Beer
Larue Beer 

Drinking culture 

Saigonese people enjoy combining alcohol and the environment; you may select between street beer, beer clubs, and artisan beer establishments. Beer in Saigon comes in various flavors and prices, depending on where you get it and what type of beer you choose. Saigon's sidewalk stores are bustling in the evening, and the beer streets will be busier at night as people gather to enjoy the beer and the environment.

You'll be drinking beer in the middle of a crowd, where you may shout and empty your glass without worry of getting in trouble. Furthermore, drinking beer on the street will help you better comprehend the people of Saigon at the drinking table, the drinking culture, and the people's spiritual life. If you prefer peace and quiet, you can drink beer in clubs or restaurants specializing in beer, where you can sample the best beers. You will choose beer flavors in more upscale places, and the bartender will make you a unique cup of beer. Furthermore, they will agree to allow you to blend your flavors that the roadside beer vendors cannot. 

So, if you don't know Saigon what to do, you can join Vespa Gogo Tour to enjoy Saigon's drinking culture and become an authentic Saigonese. 


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