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Get Your Guide Ho Chi Minh Travel 2023

Visitors to Saigon may anticipate having a wide variety of unusual experiences from cuisine to culture. Get your guide Ho Chi Minh by Vespa A Go Go will guide you in the greatest detail about how to discover this city in one day. 

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1. Saigon Sightseeing Tour on Vespa
2. The Best Street Foods in Saigon 
3. Saigon Walking Street by Night 

Saigon Sightseeing Tour on Vespa

Saigon is famous for numerous historic structures which draw tens of thousands of tourists each year. Every piece of architecture in Saigon is tied to historical tales about Vietnam. In addition to having historical structures, Ho Chi Minh is also regarded as a modern metropolis, with several high-rise structures sprouting up every year. This city is even more appealing because of its diversity in culture and architecture.

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You can currently choose from a variety of tours to see all the sights in Saigon. You can choose to go by double-decker bus; typically, a bus will arrive at the Opera House to pick up passengers every 30 minutes. However, Vespa A Go Go recommends a more pleasurable activity than riding a Vespa around Saigon.

Choosing a motorbike tour will save you time because the guide will take you around every area of the city. You will be exposed to the realities of traffic in Vietnam, and you can be confident that all of your excursions will be covered.

The Best Street Foods in Saigon 

Experiencing street cuisine is one of the activities not to be missed when visiting Saigon; it is a part of Vietnamese culture and heritage. You will sample cuisines from several regions of the country as well as from other countries across the world. It is possible to say that Vietnamese street cuisine is indicative of Asian street food culture.

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When it comes to Saigon food, you'll be astonished by the range of snacks available. From the sort of food to how it is prepared, street food is extremely different. Restaurants, for example, can transform a dish into 5 to 10 various varieties. As a result, experiencing all of Saigon's food will take a long time. Vespa A Go Go will expose you to some of the things you should taste while in Saigon, including Vietnamese pancakes, rice paper rolls, pho rolls, sweet soup, and fried banana cake.

Saigon Walking Street by Night 

Walking Street in Saigon is the busiest street in the city at night. There are many virtual living corners in this place, and you can check in at any corner on the street. At night, the pedestrian street shimmers with a plethora of street lights, accompanied by the sound of cars on both sides of the road continuously chugging along. People in Saigon frequently come to the street after a long day of work to relax, dine, or participate in street entertainment events.

On the walking street, you may explore Saigon's food paradise. The most popular street foods, including milk tea, mixed rice paper, smoothies, and juices, are prepared right on the sidewalk booths. Furthermore, on weekends, there will frequently be music and entertainment events, making the pedestrian street very busy.

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If you have the chance to visit Saigon, you must surely explore the streets at night. Additionally, street food should be on your list. Get your guide on Ho Chi Minh City by Vespa A Go Go to fully experience the must-do activities in Saigon. You will have a very personal experience with the Saigon vibe. Please contact us right away!


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