day trips from ho chi minh

Guided tours on day trips from Ho Chi Minh 2023

Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam's most significant economic hub, which converges many recreational activities, national traditions, and country culture. This city brings the beauty of modernity but still keeps the ancient building with more than 100 ages. This article will guide you on day trips from Ho Chi Minh City and how to enjoy the beauty of this city. 

day trips from ho chi minh

Vietnamese drinks in Saigon

Saigon's favorite drink is coffee; Saigon’s breakfast is frequently combined with a cup of coffee. Different varieties of coffee have different flavors. For example, filter coffee tastes bitter with a sweet aftertaste, and racquet coffee has a sweet and fatty aftertaste. Saigonese drinks coffee all year round; it keeps them awake no matter what time of day. Furthermore, coffee with a lot of ice is a delightful summer drink.

day trips from ho chi minh

A refreshing drink in the hot season in Saigon is coconut water, which is both light and sweet, making Saigon people extremely excited. Coconut water used to be merely the water inside a coconut with a bit of sugar added, but in recent years, it has become a popular drink among young Saigonese. Popular coconut water meals include milk coconut, strawberry juice, coconut-rich topping with lotus seeds, and lychee, all variants of conventional coconut water.

Drinking culture is prevalent in Saigon, as seen by sidewalk shops with drinking tables and beer glasses filled on the table and on the ground. This is how the people of Saigon consume beer. Every street corner has a beer bar with reasonable costs ranging from 10,000 to 15,000 VND for a cup.

Getting Around Saigon

Even though the French colonial period has been over for nearly 48 years, works in the French architectural style may still be found in Saigon today. These works have added to the city's mysterious, classical charm. Walking through the districts of Ho Chi Minh City, you can quickly come across works or structures created in the European style.

When visiting Vietnam, you must see a long-standing cultural beauty of the Vietnamese people: pottery production. The Vietnamese pottery-making tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. Bat Trang pottery village, Bac Ninh pottery village, and Chu Dau pottery village are all well-known pottery villages in Vietnam. Although the pottery village model is not widely used in Saigon, pottery classes still teach the technique of creating finished objects to disseminate Vietnamese ceramic culture. During the Vespa GoGo experience tour, you can engage in pottery workshops and make meaningful ceramic gifts.

day trips from ho chi minh

Even as Ho Chi Minh City becomes increasingly sophisticated, the old market remains indispensable. The Saigon market sells many goods, including tourist souvenirs. If you have the time, you should experience Saigon's market culture to understand people's daily lives better.

Nightlife Saigon Experience

Street food is one of the elements that distinguishes Vietnamese culture in general and Saigon culture in particular. It is a street food that has brought the cohesion and generosity of the people here. Especially when Saigon is at night, street food is even more evident with typical Saigon dishes. You can try the following words:

Vietnamese crepe
Grilled banana cake
Beef roll with guise leaves 

day trips from ho chi minh

Saigon sparkles with lights from high-rise skyscrapers and dazzling street lights. Another popular activity is drinking at rooftop bars. You can see the entire city of Saigon from a high vantage point. The rooftop bars usually are relatively peaceful, and cocktails are customized to your specifications.

If you visit Saigon at night, you must visit the pedestrian street where many people congregate in the evening. The pedestrian strip hosts a variety of activities, ranging from street food to entertainment. In Vietnam, big businesses frequently arrange music events on pedestrian streets. If you walk down the pedestrian street after 8 pm, you will observe the hustle and bustle of Saigon's nightlife.

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