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Historic Journey in Saigon: Saigon Day Trips

Spiritual tourism is not only popular among Vietnamese people, but it also attracts a lot of tourists to experience. That brings positive values to the spiritual life of local people. During your tour to explore Saigon day trips, you will visit sacred Vietnamese places and learn about their history and culture. 

saigon day trips

Here are some historical activities in Saigon that Vespa A Go Go thinks visitors will enjoy as part of the Saigon Day Trips itinerary:

Religious & spiritual activities
Architectural Buildings in Saigon 
Historical sites in Saigon

If you are a tourist visiting spiritual locations in Saigon, read about spiritual traditions and culture carefully to avoid invading Vietnamese beliefs. For example, women should not wear short skirts or shorts when entering the temple. 

Religious & spiritual activities

According to Vietnamese custom, spiritual places such as pagodas and shrines are often open and crowded on Tet holidays. People in Vietnam think visiting a temple at the opening of the new year will bring tranquility to the entire family. However, spiritual locations in Saigon are becoming popular tourist destinations. And this city has numerous prominent historical landmarks that draw hundreds of tourists annually. 

saigon day trips

While discovering spiritual sites in Saigon, you will visit notable temples such as Van Phap Pagoda and Chanrarangsay Pagoda. Chantarangsay Temple, one of the first Khmer temples in Saigon, was established in 1946 using Khmer cultural architecture. With outstanding architecture, visitors will experience discovering the temple imbued with Khmer Buddhist culture.

Aside from the temple of Khmer design, Saigon is home to several pagodas with particularly unique architecture: 

Buu Long Pagoda - Thailand Architectural 
Khanh An Monastery - Japanese Architectural 
Mariamman - India Pagoda 
Ky Quang 2 Pagoda - No columns, no roof temple 
Phu Chau Temple - Floating Pagoda 

Architectural Buildings in Saigon 

The next journey will take you through the streets of Saigon, which feature old architectural works. Because of the influx of many cultural civilizations, Saigon has many structures created in the European style. To fully immerse yourself in this cultural excursion, rent an antique Vespa and ride about this ancient city. This will be a memorable experience when you have Saigon day trips. 

saigon day trips

If you begin your tour in Ho Chi Minh City's District 1, you will come across various French architectural masterpieces such as Notre Dame Cathedral, City Post Office, and Ben Thanh Market. These structures date back hundreds of years and are considered city symbols. The ancient city of Saigon is more alive because of the rich history and cultural qualities these old buildings bring to life.

One of the oldest structures with a significant role in the lives of Saigon people is the traditional market. The market is the most popular shopping destination for all Vietnamese people, not only those in Saigon. Although people now have more shopping options, the Saigon market retains a high spiritual importance.

Historical sites in Saigon

Saigon, a city over 300 years old, has seen various battles shaping the nation's history. As a result, remnants of Vietnam's history can be found throughout the city. These sculptures are notable not just for their distinct design structure but also for their spiritual significance to the Vietnamese people. These monuments have drawn many travelers to Vietnam to learn more about the country's history and people.

Vespa Gogo will highlight a few spots that mark Vietnam's historical milestones for you to find below quickly. The following location information can help you choose the most fascinating location:

Independence Palace 
Cu Chi Tunnels 
War Remnants Museum 
Secret weapon bunker house

saigon day trips

The journey to experience history for foreign tourists is quite extraordinary because you will need to understand the historical knowledge of Vietnam. As a result, a tour guide will be required to guide and provide crucial expertise regarding Vietnam's history. If you plan to experience Saigon day trips, you can combine them with dining and entertainment activities in Saigon. Vespa GoGo tours will provide the most comprehensive Saigon experience, from dining to visiting Saigon's sights.

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