ho chi minh city excursions

Ho Chi Minh City Excursions and Things to Do in 2023

Ho Chi Minh City is one of Vietnam's most significant cities with the crowdest population. Although the official name of this city is Ho Chi Minh, people are still acquainted and call the more familiar name “Saigon,” which expresses the respect people have for this city. Take a Ho Chi Minh City Excursions in a day; what should we do?

  • Ho Chi Minh City - We should know
  • Spiritual Tourism
  • Saigon Culture Discovery 

Ho Chi Minh City - We should know

In 1698, Vietnam witnessed Saigon's birth, rapidly becoming one of two critical metropolises of the country. In 1859, after capturing Gia Dinh Citadel, the French rushed to re-plan Saigon into a large city for colonial exploitation, and the essential works of the town were established respectively. At that time, Saigon's pieces were designed to follow Europe's model and become the “Pearl of the Far East” of French.  

The April 30, 1975 event is commonly known as the Day of the Liberation of The South and the Reunification of the Country. On July 2, 1976, the first National Assembly of Vietnam unanimously decided to change the country's name to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and, at the same time, renamed the city of Saigon - Gia Dinh to "Ho Chi Minh City." "named after the first president, Ho Chi Minh. 

Most of the works of Vietnam today are influenced by French architecture, so Saigon has an ancient, old but still modern beauty. If you visit this place, you will experience a historical travel journey to find the roots of the Vietnamese people.

Spiritual Tourism 

Saigon pagoda 

You will have to understand the customs and beliefs of the Saigon people. The temple ritual has long been regarded as a valuable cultural tradition of the Vietnamese people. The Vietnamese believe that worshiping the pagoda will bring good fortune and health to the family. Businesspeople visit pagodas to pray for prosperity. Numerous prominent temples in Saigon have been around for a long time; the temples here draw many tourists. These historic temples have a diverse history, including pagodas built by Vietnamese, Chinese, Indians, and Khmers. The pagodas are infused with Saigon's historical development and cultural interaction. 

ho chi minh city excursions

Saigon ancient building

The majority of Saigon's structures reflect the historical fingerprint of Vietnam. Some works have survived numerous dynasties and are still in existence today; if you wish to go back in time and learn more about Vietnamese culture and history, tour monuments like Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, or Saigon Post Office. 

Aside from the long-awaited constructions, Saigon also includes old districts, such as the Chinese neighborhood, which has been around for over a century. The historic marketplaces have existed since the French colonial period and have been retained by the inhabitants.

Saigon Culture Discovery

ho chi minh city excursions

Because Saigon has been undergoing a period of formation and development for a long time, this city has preserved many of the nation's cultural traditions. If you are visiting Saigon to appreciate its artistic splendor, you must not miss the following:

  • Try Racquet Coffee: This is a typical Saigon coffee originating with the Chinese. Racquet cafes in Saigon have nearly existed for more than 50 years. This coffee has contributed to the rich cultural life of the people of Saigon.
  • Going to Saigon Market: The Vietnamese market tradition is continually kept. Even though the development of commercial districts, traditional Vietnamese markets have always been an indispensable cultural aspect of the Vietnamese people.
  • Walking about the streets of Saigon: If you don't have time to take a motorbike tour of Saigon, you can choose to stroll around Saigon on a Vespa to add to your exciting experience in Saigon.
  • Try Saigon Street Food: Saigon street food has matured alongside the people of Saigon. Street snacks with various dishes from North to South continue to captivate students, students, and working people alike. If you visit Saigon, you should eat the street food 

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