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Saigon Food & Drink: Ho Chi Minh Day Trips

Saigon cuisine is a beautiful blend of the Saigon people's culture, customs, and soul. Despite being a fusion cuisine of numerous locales and countries, Saigon food has distinguished itself via its harmonious processing and seasoning. If you have Ho Chi Minh day trips and are wondering what to eat, please read this article:

Eating Habits in Saigon
Must-try dishes in Saigon
Vietnamese drinks in Saigon

Eating Habits in Saigon

People in Saigon have late breakfast; eateries in Saigon are frequently crowded between 8 and 9 a.m. Although there is a late breakfast, they have breakfast quickly, and roadside diners almost clean up and close after about 1 hour, at 10 a.m. In the morning, there are numerous options from dry food, such as bread and dumplings, but the breakfast in Saigon is broken rice. This dish is both high in quality and causes anxiety for an extended period.

Saigonese enjoys a quick breakfast while sipping iced milk coffee. If they have time, they will visit a café with friends and try to buy a cup of coffee. People in Saigon consume three meals daily: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast is considered the most critical meal, lunch is regular, and dinner is less important.

Saigon people love to eat snacks in the afternoon, so the afternoon markets and alleys with snacks usually open at 2 - 3 pm. When Saigon is at night, it is also the time when Saigon people will eat at night, from nightly restaurants to night markets, which are crowded from 10 pm to 2 am. 

Must-try dishes in Saigon

Saigon cuisine will appeal to you. Because of the Saigon people's familiar taste, Saigon foods are frequently sweeter than in other locations. If you visit Saigon, Vespa GoGo will recommend the following delicacies:

ho chi minh day trips

  1. Banh mi (Vietnamese Baguettes)
  2. Com Tam (Broken rice)
  3. Banh xeo (Vietnamese crepe)
  4. Bo cuon la not (Beef roll with guise leaves)
  5. Bun bo hue (Spicy Vietnamese Noodle Soup)
  6. Banh trang nuong (Grilled rice paper)
  7. Che (Vietnamese sweet soup)
  8. Hu tieu nam vang (Nam Vang Noodle)
  9. Bun moc (Vermicelli Noodle Soup)
  10. Xoi (Steamed Sticky Rice)

The foods listed above are among the most popular among Saigon residents. They include both main dishes and snacks. If you experience the ordinary Saigonese life, you can follow their eating habits. Saigon restaurants are usually highly packed during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so consider carefully before eating. 

Vietnamese drinks in Saigon

The day's first drink in Saigon is iced milk coffee. I sat in Cheo Leo cafe in the morning, drinking coffee with genuine Saigonese. Racket coffee, in addition to iced milk coffee, is a traditional coffee with a distinct flavor. Racquet coffee is cooked uniquely to preserve the taste of coffee, which has long intrigued Saigon residents.

ho chi minh day trips

In addition to coffee, they can have a glass of fresh milk with ice for breakfast. Fresh milk stores have long flourished on Phung Khac Khoan Street. Fresh milk is given on the street on a plastic table with baby chairs, occasionally with chairs that double as a drinking table. Because Saigon people like sweet drinks, fresh milk is something you should try if you have Ho Chi Minh day trips.

ho chi minh day trips

One of the most popular summertime beverages in Saigon is coconut water. Coconut water is treated differently in Saigon than it is in the North. On the narrow alleyways of Saigon, you can easily see the signs that read "pineapple coconut, coconut kumquat." Pineapples or kumquats will be dipped in sugar until it becomes thick, then combined with coconut water. The addition of copra to a cup of coconut water makes this beverage appealing.


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