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Ho Chi Minh City What To Do: Craft Beer in Saigon

Beer craft has steadily become a new leisure culture for Saigon's young people in recent years. Craft beer bars emerged in several forms. Vespa GoGo will expose you to the beer craft culture in Saigon under the "Ho Chi Minh City What To Do" section.

This article will provide you with the most comprehensive information about the concept and culture of the Saigon people, as well as tours to experience beer craft. I hope you find this material beneficial.

1. What is craft beer?
2. How do people in Saigon enjoy Craft Beer? 
3. Should we choose Craft Beer Tour? 

ho chi minh city what to do

What is craft beer?

Craft beer (Beer Craft) is a type of beer that is brewed and manufactured in small batches of approximately 1000 liters. These breweries are often autonomous, manufacturing beer traditionally combining many flavors to create a beer flavor. Beer Craft appeared in the United Kingdom in 1973 under the label Real Ale and was then solely imported to the United States. This beer gradually gained popularity in Asian countries, spawning a global cultural trend.

ho chi minh city what to do

Therefore, craft beer, or draft beer, will be produced meticulously in terms of taste, quality, and four main ingredients: water, hops, malt, and yeast. The brewing process involves malting, milling, grinding, extraction, hops, and boiling. Beer is made by converting grain starch into sugar and extracting the sugar with water. Craft beer will be focused on taste and quality.

How do people in Saigon enjoy Craft Beer? 

Craft beer first appeared in Vietnam in 2015-2016 and has since become a popular drink among beer lovers. By 2022, Vietnam's beer consumption will account for 2.2% of the global market, making it the leading country in the ASEAN region. As a result, the Beer Craft market has the potential to grow. Drinking Craft beer has become a new taste for Vietnamese people and a new way of life and enjoyment. Craft beer is famous not only for its refreshing qualities but also for its ability to facilitate emotional dialogues. Craft beer lovers are typically office employees, high-income individuals, and the elite who enjoy the taste of craft beer.

ho chi minh city what to do

There are many craft beer pubs in Saigon. Most craft beer establishments in Saigon will have a minimalist design ideal for individuals desiring peace. Pasteur Street Brewing can be found in Saigon. Pasteur makes great-tasting craft beer cups by combining American craft beer manufacturing processes with Vietnamese ingredients.

Should we choose Craft Beer Tour? 

Craft beer stores in Saigon are typically open relatively privately, making it difficult for international tourists to find a beer shop that meets their tastes. As a result, you can include a Beer Tour of Vespa GoGo in your itinerary to learn about the beer-drinking culture of the people of Saigon. You will be served the highest quality draft beer. In addition, the tour guide will provide related information about the beer-drinking culture in Saigon. 

You'll also witness how the bartender makes a basic beer. They will explain the origins of craft beer in Vietnam and their mission to bring beer craft to the Vietnamese people. This is a one-of-a-kind and refreshing drink in beer culture. If you get the chance to visit Saigon, you can use the information in the Vespa GoGo section titled "Ho Chi Minh City What to Do"

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