1 day in ho chi minh

How do you spend 1 day in Ho Chi Minh?

If you have a short time to experience Sai Gon, you should balance your activities and concentrate on the highlights of destinations. So, you can make use of the following pieces of information. If you only have 1 day in ho chi minh, this tour guide will be beneficial. This article will divide into three sections. Just scroll down your needed part:

1 day in ho chi minh

1. Ho Chi Minh City - Things need to know 
2. Tips for traveling 1 day in ho chi minh 
3. Getting around in ho chi minh city 

Ho Chi Minh City - Things need to know 

Ho Chi Minh City has been one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in recent years. It is situated in Vietnam's South, regarded as the center of the country's economy. When coming to Ho Chi Minh, it delivers the breath of French architecture, which still bears the scars of the Vietnam War. 

The climate

Sai Gon experiences two distinct seasons: wet and dry. The rainy season lasts from May through September. It is easy to realize when it begins to rain cats and dogs in the morning and ends abruptly and dry in the afternoon. However, the air is low, and the sun is not harsh. From December to July, the average temperature is about 30 - 35 degrees. The ideal time to travel is this time because there won't be much rain. 

Note: Check the weather in Ho Chi Minh City before you travel so you can pack an umbrella or raincoat. 

1 day in ho chi minh

The people 

People in Saigon are like that—open, honest, and straightforward; they enjoy their lives without attempting to appease one another; they respect one another and are willing to provide a hand when challenges and trials have become routine in life. Visitors worldwide will undoubtedly experience Saigonians' warmth, altruism, openness, and friendliness.

Tips for traveling 1 day in Ho Chi Minh 

When traveling to Ho Chi Minh, there are various addresses that you might keep in mind. Though, you only have 1 day in ho chi minh. So, you might think about some of the following activities:

Try the traditional food of Saigon
Many classic cuisines, like Vietnamese banh mi, pho, and broken rice, are popular in Saigon. These are the dishes that most people select for breakfast. In the afternoon, you can have street foods like pancakes, mixed rice paper, or spring rolls.

Visit Saigon on Vespa 
If you come to Vietnam, try the experience of riding a motorbike on the streets of Saigon. You have the option of seeing the city on an ancient Vespa. This will be an exciting experience on a one-day trip to Ho Chi Minh City. 

Getting around in ho chi minh city 

In Ho Chi Minh, there are many different ways to get about. Here is the list of local people used to choose: 

  1. Grab: More common than other forms of transportation that people frequently use when going around the city. Download the Grab app on your phone, enter your current position and destination, and select a payment option. Going will save you a lot of time when relocating.
  2. Traditional taxis: Traditional taxis are still prevalent in Saigon. Although this type of taxi is not as common in Saigon, you can snag a car along the route rather than booking a car through an app like Grab.
  3. Bus: You can take the bus, which is relatively inexpensive for one trip, but you will not be allowed to choose your path and will be forced to follow one. The duration for a bus will be very considerable depending on each place, so keep this in mind while selecting this mode of transportation.
    Tips: Because you just have only 1 day in ho chi minh, you should opt for quick modes of transportation

1 day in ho chi minh

However, you need to be careful with rush hour. However, at rush hour, you must exercise caution. For instance, it takes 20 minutes to arrive during regular hours, but it can take an hour or longer to get through the inner city during rush hour. 

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