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How To Spend 24 Hours on HCMC Day Trips

Saigon is a lively city with a modern lifestyle and architecture that combines ancient and contemporary materials and is regarded as a city worth living in. If you have 24 hours in HCMC day trips, Vespa A Go Go can provide some intriguing routes that will allow you to experience Saigon life in one day.

hcmc day trips

#1 In the morning

Because Saigon is famous for its nightlife, the streets of Saigon are relatively vacant in the morning. You can see how congested the city is at times by watching the motorbike traffic on the road. Contrary to the traffic volume on the street, Saigon's sidewalk stores are always occupied, day or night. Saigon's sidewalks were packed with cars offering hot breakfast dishes in the morning.

There are two sorts of breakfast in Saigon. Some people eat at a restaurant while holding a business meeting with a coworker over coffee in the morning. Some folks enjoy going to the sidewalk stores and returning to work on their motorcycles after breakfast. Breakfast options in Saigon include bread, vermicelli, and broken rice. Even if you only had a Saigon baguette for breakfast, you would be full for a long time.

You can choose to go around Saigon's streets after breakfast. This is the time to hop on a motorcycle and explore the city. This period also makes it easy to enjoy everything. 

hcmc day trips

#2 In the afternoon 

The afternoon is the best time to experience Saigon's cultural activities. In Saigon, you can enjoy coffee in a garden cafe. If you want a more engaging experience, you can participate in the coffee workshop, where you will learn how to make your own coffee and be introduced to Saigon's coffee drinkers' culture, traditions, and habits.

Aside from coffee, you may take Vespa A Go Go tours in Saigon and participate in pottery classes. You'll get a taste of Vietnamese craft village culture and learn about the history of Saigon's ceramics.

hcmc day trips

Saigon people frequently snack in the afternoon; you can enjoy street snacks in Saigon. Popular snacks include grilled banana cake, wrapped rice paper, and Saigon-style coconut water. Saigon snacks can be consumed on the street or in a luxury restaurant. However, try street food if you want to learn more about Saigon's culture.

#3 In the evening 

Saigon's nightlife varies dramatically as the night progresses; the later it gets, the more crowded venues to play and eat will appear till morning. After a long day of work, Saigonese often begins activities like seeing friends, dining, or shopping. You must wander along the pedestrian street to experience the nightlife of the people of Saigon. This is where you can view all of the actions in Saigon.

hcmc day trips

Another intriguing nighttime activity is to try all of Saigon's night dishes if you have an empty stomach. The large market in Saigon has the most street food; the Saigon night market is usually open till the morning. The dishes served here are trendy among Saigon residents.

If you want to savor the flavors of Saigon in peace, consider rooftop bars with views of high-rise structures. Guests can relax in a beautiful setting while sipping a specially-made glass of wine. When visiting Saigon, seeing the entire city from above will be an exhilarating experience.

You will enjoy the best HCMC day trips with activities imbued with the essence of Saigon people on the Vespa A Go Go city tour. For further information, please contact us.


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