best day trips from ho chi minh city

Best Day Trips from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Local Guides

Ho Chi Minh is the largest city in Vietnam and an attractive destination for every tourist. Getting around Ho Chi Minh City, going through every corner, and enjoying the journey to explore this city will make you more fabulous. So, how to enjoy the best day trips from Ho Chi Minh City, this article will guide you with some pieces of advice: 

best day trips from ho chi minh city

1. Eat like A Local 
2. Saigon Cafe Experience 
3. Saigon Secret Tour

Saigon should be experienced in many aspects, from cuisine life culture, which can lead to an exciting experience about Saigon’s life and people. This is an itinerary to discover what makes this city so fascinating. 

Eat like a Local 

Saigon cuisine combines all regions in Vietnam, which could raise your flavors to a high level. With the taste in harmony, Saigon foods bring a unique taste to international friends and the world cuisine market. Mainly, Saigon cuisine can be found on every street of the city, from the sidewalk to 5-star restaurants. Street food is extraordinary in Saigon, not by how it is sold but because of how people enjoy it. 

Almost foods in Saigon are derived from other regions in Vietnam, so Saigon has no typical regional dishes. However, it contributes to the diversity of Saigon cuisine, and compared to other areas, Saigonese tends to eat sweeter. So, Saigon cuisine still has its flavors. 

Vietnamese has three main meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner; each meal a day will have a specific dish and different eating habits. One of the strange points in Saigon is that they eat “broken rice” for breakfast, which can not see in Hanoi. 

best day trips from ho chi minh city

The following list is the top 5 dishes that are the first choice in Saigon's breakfast, that can refer:

Broken rice (Com Tam)
Vietnamese baguette (Banh mi)
Sticky rice (Xoi)
Vietnamese steamed rice rolls (Banh Cuon)

Saigon Cafe Experience 

Vietnam is the second largest coffee-producing country in the world, and it has no words to express how Vietnamese enjoy their coffee culture. They always have a cup of coffee in the morning, before meeting, when chatting with friends, and coffee brings balance and energy to Saigon life. Because of cafe bean's self-producing capacity, Vietnam owns many famous brands such as Vina Cafe, Trung Nguyen Cafe, Nest Cafe, etc. 

best day trips from ho chi minh city

Source: VnExpress

Saigon people's drinking habits differ from Hanoi; people consider coffee not only to sip and enjoy but also as a beverage. They usually take a coffee with a lot of ice but less coffee. Saigonese cups of coffee will be mixed with the necessary ingredients and drunk with a straw, that only can be seen in Saigon. Because of the sweet taste, people will add more milk to mask the bitter taste of coffee. 

If you still don't know how to drink coffee in Saigon, try Vespa GoGo's Coffee Tour, where you can not only taste coffee but also make your own coffee cup. 

Saigon Secret Tour

In Saigon Secret Tour, visitors can explore Saigon’s sightseeing on the motorbike. The Vespa GoGo tour will begin with famous pagodas in Saigon with marks of the French colonial period. In Vietnam, the image of temples brings healthy energy and a peaceful soul. 

Saigon's traditional market is one of the exciting destinations where you can buy local souvenirs at a reasonable price. However, in recent years, many tourists have complained of being ripped off in the market. Try to bargain before buying anything, or you can go with local people who can accurately value the goods in the market. 

best day trips from ho chi minh city

Another place in the journey to discover is to walk and participate in activities in Saigon parks. Walking in the morning allows you to witness images of older adults doing nursing, older uncles and aunts playing badminton, or young people innocently playing with friends and pets. These activities will help you to relax and enjoy the environment in the bustling metropolis. 

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