what to do at saigon

Shopping Like A Local: What To Do At Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City is a paradise for those who love shopping, with many things ranging from food to clothing, accessories, and fabrics. If you still don’t know what to do at Saigon, let's try to find some shopping places and buy yourself some souvenirs in Saigon.

Vespa A Go Go will suggest places for you to shop in Saigon:

Things To Buy 
Best Places to Shopping 
Tips for shopping in Saigon

what to do at saigon

Things To Buy 

Saigon is one of Vietnam's critical economic cities, attracting many company owners and significant corporations. As a result, the commodities in Saigon range from clothing to fabrics to accessories to decorations. Saigon Market is the perfect place to get everything you need. Shopping can be combined with a taste of Saigon's gastronomic culture.

Vietnamese Souvenirs
Small souvenirs will be abundant in small shops throughout the city if you visit Vietnam. Bags, wallets, textiles, conical hats, and textile products are among the souvenirs available. These are usually easy to find in Saigon's significant marketplaces, where numerous stalls sell local things to foreigners.

what to do at saigon

Fashion accessories
Fashionable things will be popular in Saigon; you can find clothes, accessories, shoes, and purses on all streets. In addition, stylish accessories can be found in the markets of Saigon. 

Ben Thanh market has a few vendors selling pottery. Pottery is a popular household item in Saigon. There will be incredibly complex end goods with each ceramic technique. As a result, you can treat yourself to some modest ceramic souvenirs.

Best Places to Shopping 

There are numerous types and locations for shopping in Saigon; in this post, Vespa A Go Go will recommend a few for tourists:

Vietnamese traditional market 
Saigon Market is one of the city's most popular visitor shopping destinations. Souvenirs, snacks, fresh food, clothes, cosmetics, and accessories are all available in the market. The fantastic thing about Saigon markets is that you may find well-known fashion brands such as Gucci and Chanel at rock-bottom costs.

The city has numerous large markets, including Ben Thanh Market, Ho Thi Ky Market, and Binh Tay Market. People usually go to the market in the morning to buy fresh food. There will be wholesale kiosks for those who believe in quantity, especially in Saigon's large markets. 

what to do at saigon

Shopping Mall 
Saigon people's shopping habits have shifted little since establishing commercial centers in the city. The trade center is an improved version of the Saigon marketplaces, offering various services ranging from dining to cuisine to entertainment. Saigon's commercial centers are typically open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Shopping Street 
There will be streets in Saigon specializing in one item, such as clothes, shoes, and accessories. These are popular hangouts for Saigon's young people, offering various options. Some Saigon streets include Nguyen Trai Street, Le Van Sy Street, and Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street. On the streets of Saigon, you can go shopping.

Tips for Shopping in Saigon

When shopping in Saigon, keep the following tips in mind to avoid overpaying or purchasing low-quality goods:

Bargaining in Vietnam 
In Saigon, bargaining is a prevalent practice in acquiring and selling items. Typically, you do not need to negotiate prices with stores with published pricing on each product. Products in Saigon markets frequently do not have prices marked on them, and therefore if you want to acquire the thing at a reasonable price, you should bid and bargain with the seller.

what to do at saigon

Brings cash 
Because most market stalls do not accept non-cash payments, you should exchange your money for VND and bring cash. This will make payment easier when buying in Saigon.

Always check your belongings. 
Pickpockets frequently operate in the market. As a result, you must always inspect your bags and valuables when carrying them with you, place them in front of your stomach, and maintain control to avoid being robbed or stolen when shopping. 

Please read through the suggestions for what to do at Saigon and keep them in mind when shopping in Saigon. 


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