Stuff To Do In Saigon Day Trips - Travel Blog 2023

Stuff To Do In Saigon Day Trips - Travel Blog 2023

In addition to being Vietnam's leading economic and cultural center, Saigon serves as a "transshipment point" for domestic and foreign tourists. As a result, this metropolis is constantly congested and bustling. If you plan to visit Saigon, please read about stuff to do in Saigon day tours for the most exciting trip. 

Here are some recommendations for travelers to Saigon:

Secret City Travel

Many attractions in Saigon's core are related to the history of the resistance fights against the French and Americans. The historical activities available here are fascinating and ideal for people of all ages. With many famous attractions distributed across the city, walking around Saigon brings the past to life.

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You can visit the city's historical monuments and scenery by motorbike. You will be walking around the streets of Saigon, absorbing every detail of the town. Some places have European architecture with classical beauty, such as Notre Dame Cathedral, City Post Office, or Saigon markets.

Sightseeing by Motorbike 

When Saigon began to enter peacetime and develop a city with expanded roads, elementary modes of transportation such as cyclos, rickshaws, or horse-drawn carts started to decline. At the same time, "modern" motorized vehicles such as Vespa cars were imported to Vietnam and were also very popular in old Saigon.

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Referring to the Vespa line, people will immediately recognize it by its luxurious, classic design but with an extremely "trendy" style. Therefore, it is difficult for the old Saigon people to resist the attraction of this car. The journey to explore the city by Vespa will be an exciting experience.

Saigon Street Food 

Saigon street food is unlike anything else in this S-shaped country. That is also why the cuisine of this area has become so appealing; it appears that there is nothing remarkable, yet many things captivate diners. Not only do international tourists desire to try exceptional delicacies on the streets of Saigon, but the locals also like and frequently seek out simple, straightforward, yet excellent dishes. 

 stuff to do in saigon

Saigon Street food significantly differs from Korean, Japanese, or Chinese cuisine. There are several familiar delicacies in Vietnamese cuisines, such as beo cake, baked banana cake, rice paper rolls, pho rolls, and street seafood. The variety of meals available to tourists in Saigon will astound them.

Saigon Coffee Tasting 

Saigon most likely has everything, especially coffee. Is there any location among the thousands of large and tiny coffee shops sprinkled throughout the streets that have ever informed you what coffee means to the people of Saigon?

For many years, Vietnam's third wave of coffee has been transforming the way people drink coffee. People are considering coffee from an artistic standpoint. They want to enjoy the authentic flavor of specialty coffee through manual roasting. They are inquisitive and want to learn about all stages of production.

 stuff to do in saigon

As a result, an increasing number of suppliers, coffee shops, and baristas are focusing on producing and developing coffee beans, as well as the preparation process, to provide the best cup of coffee. Other coffees from the past are hand-brewed to bring out the original flavor, such as racquet coffee. This is one of Saigon's oldest coffee shops.

Vietnam Specialty Cuisine

"The attractive Vietnamese dishes are sometimes the cheapest dishes that locals often eat on plastic chairs and folding tables in the market" - This is the general perception of many international tourists after experiencing some of the country's most popular dishes. Even for many diners who want to "travel," enjoying traditional Vietnamese foods becomes an "interest" that binds them to every countryside on the S-shaped stretch of land. The evidence is in the press. Countless "experience" articles on the internet indicate how much fun the travelers had. For them, the experience of eating out in Vietnam is more than just a matter of food. 

One of the stuff to do in Saigon is eating Vietnamese street food, which provides incredibly intriguing experiences. This is also a highlight of the Vietnamese culinary culture that every visitor to Vietnam should enjoy.Contact Vespa A Go Go for more information!VESPA GO GO OFFICES AND DEPARTMENTS:

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