fun activities in saigon

Top 10 fun activities in Saigon - Travel Tips

Are you planning on experiencing Saigon life in a single day? Refer to this post; Vespa A Go Go will recommend the top 10 fun activities in Saigon. When visiting Saigon, travelers should do these things at least once.

Visit A 100-year-old alley in town. 

Although Saigon has grown sophisticated and crowded, an old alley with exceptionally unusual architecture may still be found in the city's center. According to Theculturetrip newspaper, the alley's entrance is tight and dark, but the lives of those who dwell there are picturesque and tranquil. Several Chinese impressions are along this lane, ranging from appetizers to ornamental goods. 

fun activities in saigon

French architectural buildings in District 1

Saigon is recognized for its historic architecture, which dates back over a century. These structures are related to each stage of Saigon's development. A miniature Europe with European-style architecture may be found in the center of Saigon. Imagine sitting on the back of a vintage Vespa, and tourists can take in the sights of Saigon's streets and ancient structures. This will be a fantastic experience.

fun activities in saigon

Experience Coffee Shop in Saigon 

People in Saigon practice drinking coffee with their breakfast in the morning. As a result, tourists may readily find coffee shops along Saigon's streets. Coffee with ice is a popular cooling drink in Saigon. You can try a cup of Saigon coffee and read more about the people's coffee-drinking history here.

Try Saigon Street Food

Ho Chi Minh City is well-known for its rich street food culture. You can sample foods from many nations, such as China, Korea, and Japan. Saigon's street delicacies are from diverse regions. Try traditional foods like grilled banana cake, rolled rice paper, or Saigon pho roll. 

fun activities in saigon

Shopping in Saigon 

Saigon is a tourist shopping paradise, with countless choices from dry food to souvenir items. Tourists can shop in massive commercial centers or experience Saigon marketplaces. Vespa A Go Go recommends shopping at the traditional market because it has affordable products and allows you to experience Saigon's culture.

Visit Saigon Pagoda

Tourists visiting Saigon should pay a visit to the temples. Tourists will appreciate the spiritual culture and the unique architecture temples in the center of Saigon. Saigon's temples, where people come to pray for peace, often exude a sense of serenity, quiet, and tranquillity. During your tour of Saigon culture, you will stop at Van Phat Pagoda, one of the city's most famous temples. 

fun activities in saigon

Experience Pottery-Making in Saigon

Pottery making is a long-standing traditional occupation in Vietnam that exemplifies the beauty of the Vietnamese people. This activity necessitates the workers' meticulousness to make products that capture the essence of the Vietnamese people. As a result, you can check out pottery workshops and make your essential ceramic item. Furthermore, learning more about the Vietnamese ceramic culture can provide additional intriguing information. 

fun activities in saigon

Explore Beer Culture in Saigon 

If you pay attention to street corners in Saigon, you will see several street beer bars where people gather to eat, drink, and converse. This is part of the drinking culture of Saigon. Beer has been around for a long time in Vietnam and has become synonymous with the people of Saigon. They frequently get together after work or on weekends to drink a cold beer on a hot day.

Chill on the rooftop bar. 

Saigon people frequently visit entertainment places in the evening to relieve tension. Some people prefer to savor the most excellent glasses of wine in a quiet setting. Nightlife bars are also getting increasingly popular, and pubs in Saigon are usually easy to find. You can select a pleasant location to sip a glass of wine while listening to music.

fun activities in saigon

Hair Washing in Saigon

When visiting Saigon, one of the activities recommended for ladies is to wash their hair with herbs. This is a therapy that is both beneficial to one's health and also aids in mental healing. Like the women of Saigon, you will have the opportunity to wash your hair with natural materials. This is a worthwhile activity in Saigon. 

The activities listed above are the top fun activities in Saigon that you should do if you visit Vietnam. For more information on exciting things to do in this city, visit Vespa A Go Go Tours. For additional information, please contact us!


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