culture trip ho chi minh city

Top 4 destinations in culture trip Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh City has been established and developed for over 300 years. This convergence of many cultures, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Cham, and Khmer. Besides that, Saigon culture is also influenced by a part of French and American culture. Therefore, when coming to Saigon, travelers will often encounter a lot of tourist attractions on the culture trip ho chi minh city. 

culture trip ho chi minh city

Here are a few places on a culture trip in ho chi minh that you can refer to: 

  • Traditional market ho chi minh city
  • 100-year-old alley in Saigon
  • Ceramics workshop
  • Herbal hair wash salon   

Experiencing cultural tourism in Saigon can help you better understand the people and their lives. You will see historic architecture with a lengthy history, as well as the cultural heritage of the Saigon people.

Traditional market ho chi minh city

Unlike in Western countries, the traditional market in Vietnam is still maintained. The market appeared relatively early in the feudal cities and was closely related to the history and formation of Ho Chi Minh City. Besides being a place of trade and sale, the market also has an urban historical value with architectural works of longstanding value. 

Today's traditional markets in Ho Chi Minh are full of vibrant beauty with bustling daily trading activities. Souvenirs, specialty dishes, jewelry, fabrics, fresh food, and other products can easily be found in the traditional market, where you can buy at a reasonable price than the shopping mall. Experience in a culture trip to ho chi minh city will bring a lot of conventional feelings for tourists when going around Saigon market. 

100-year-old alley in Saigon

The “Hao Si Phuong" alley in Saigon has been around for over a century and is located in the Cho Lon area—a 100-year-old alley. Initially, only individuals of Chinese heritage lived before, then they moved and sold it to the Vietnamese. So, the people's lives in the alley are relatively luxurious but still keep their historical beauty. 

culture trip ho chi minh city

The entire area comprises 63 neighboring flats divided into two stories. The lower story has 33 houses, and the upper floor has 30 homes. Three staircases connect two stories. Walking along the alley, you will see several images depicting Chinese culture, such as the altar of Tho Dia in front of the house or signboards with Chinese characters on the door. Because of its distinctive architecture, this alley is frequently used as a filming site for Vietnamese television series. Tourists can observe houses over 100 years old but have stayed the same in the alley. The ancient combine to create the distinctive beauty of this 100-year-old alley.


Ceramics workshop

Vietnam is regarded as one of the countries with the origin of pottery making, with a history dating back over 10,000 years. Ceramic household things have become more familiar in Vietnamese people's lives. Ceramic villages can be found throughout Vietnam, and each craft village will have its techniques and characteristics for making pottery.

Creating a ceramic product requires meticulousness, care, and attention to detail in the ceramic process making. You can take pottery workshops where you can create traditional Vietnamese objects uniquely. You will be guided on making ceramic items and understand more about the fantastic art of ceramics in Vietnam. To experience Vietnamese-style pottery, refer to Lady Tour of Vespa Go Go. Aside from producing pottery, you may also learn about the daily lives of Vietnamese women.

culture trip ho chi minh city

Herbal hair wash salon  

Since ancient times, Vietnamese women have been very concerned about their appearance, particularly their hair. Vietnamese women's traditional values have kept these customs to this day. During shampooing, your hair will be washed with natural materials to assist in caring for the scalp more effectively. 

culture trip ho chi minh city

The main nourishing ingredients are locust, basil, grapefruit, lemongrass, and grapefruit peel. Using natural features will decrease harmful substances from chemical shampoos. Aside from shampooing your hair with herbs, you will also receive a relaxing massage and acupressure to generate a sense of relaxation and comfort. This is a relaxing therapy and an effective method of health care for ladies. 


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