activities to do in saigon

Top 5 activities to do in Saigon: 2023 Tour Guide


If Hanoi is a historical city with a slow pace of life, Saigon, in contrast, is a dynamic and bustling city. Saigon has traditional cuisine from different regions and welcoming people. If you can visit Saigon, let Vespa GoGo recommend the top 5 activities to do in Saigon. 

1. Go to the market in the morning
2. Go around the city by cyclo
3. Drink beer on the sidewalk street
4. Try racquet coffee
5. Drink wine on the rooftop bar

Besides the below activities, there are numerous things that you can do in Saigon. You can explore Saigon, from tasting the food to communicating with people here. Don't worry; Saigon people are friendly and kind-heart with each other and tourists when visiting Vietnam. 

Go to market in the morning 

One of the best activities to do in Saigon is going to the Vietnamese market. The markets in Saigon usually open early, about 4 am. Morning is the busiest time in Saigon. You will hear stalls, knives, and chopping boards from fresh stalls. Saigon people often go to the market early to choose the freshest green food.

Whether supermarkets or commercial centers develop, traditional markets are still a familiar destination for Saigon people. Mornings at the markets will be full of breakfast dishes, from bowls of pho to noodle soup. Restaurants and street vendors will gather at the market.

activities to do in saigon

Go around the city by motorbike.

The majority of visitors visiting Vietnam are obsessed with the traffic. It will be tough to control motorbikes on the streets of Saigon at off-hours. However, to see Saigon to the fullest, you should experience sitting behind a motorbike and walking around every corner of the city.

Motorbike taxi excursions were introduced to allow visitors to see the actual lives of Saigon residents. You can experience city tours by Vespa, scooter, or motorbike. There will always be a tour guide and driver to pass you on a motorbike for you to enjoy the Saigon atmosphere.

activities to do in saigon

Drink beer on the sidewalk street

Saigon street beer culture is something that every visitor to Saigon should experience. People in Saigon drink beer whenever, wherever, and whenever they want. In Saigon, the people live and enjoy life in their way. After a long day working, a cup of beer will help people refresh and eliminate all the stress in their day. 

Drinking beer on the street will bring you closer to the life and people of this place. People in Saigon make friends by drinking beer; they can freely tell their stories in daily life. You can naturally invite them to a cup of beer and tell them your stories; they are welcome. This makes them more open and easily understand strange people. 

Try racquet coffee

Racquet coffee is Saigon's favorite coffee every morning. In the past, filter coffee was a drink for the middle class, while racquet coffee was the favorite drink of ordinary working people. Racquet coffee got its name from the way this coffee is prepared. Racquet coffee has a strong flavor that is both sweet and fatty. Baristas often use an enormous racket to extract the coffee.

activities to do in saigon

Although today's coffee is very different from the coffee of Saigon's past, racquet coffee remains an outstanding traditional coffee. To relive the old experiences of Saigon residents, do the Vespa GoGo coffee tour, where you may try to make your cup of coffee.

Drink wine on the rooftop bar

Saigon people enjoy life by choosing quiet places and spacious spaces to enjoy glasses of wine or cocktails. With a view of the city, the wine glasses become more delicious than ever. In Saigon, it is common to have an elevated pub model, which can be on high-rise buildings or right on the rooftop of a house on the street. Aside from drinking, going to the bars on the weekend allows you to listen to music of many types, from indie to acoustic to world hits. 

activities to do in saigon
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