ho chi minh night street food

Top 5 must-try Ho Chi Minh night street food

Ho Chi Minh night street food is one of the must-go activities if coming to Vietnam. There are many reasons for this delicious tour that you need to experience. With the diversity of cuisine from Asia to Europe, it is worth enjoying Ho Chi Minh night street food once in your lifetime. 

To go into detail about what we should eat on the journey to Saigon street food at night, we must go through what makes Ho Chi Minh street food become Vietnamese culture. 

Ho Chi Minh street food culture 

Vietnamese street food is not only the simplest of dishes sold on the street but also brings the value of Vietnamese people, feelings, culture, lifestyle, and thoughts. Nowadays, a part of Vietnamese cuisine is still derived from China, so it is easy to find similarities with Chinese food such as noodles, baozi, etc. However, Vietnamese food still has its unique tastes with the change in the harmony of ingredients which combined and balanced all flavors, including salty, spicy, sour, and sweet. 

Saigonese enjoy street food every time, especially at night; it has become their spiritual taste. There are many choices for food, with a hundred food stores open till midnight to serve people's demands. Let Vespa GoGo introduce some dishes that you can try: 


People in Saigon frequently eat shellfish in the evening, particularly snails. Saigon snail dishes have a unique property that can be prepared in various ways. A snail dish can be fried snails, roasted snails, snails with sauce, or fried snails with a combination of sour, spicy, salty, and sweet flavors. Saigon has a well-known street for seafood walking tours called “snail street," gathering numerous snail restaurants. Aside from snail dishes, you will be tasting a range of seafood, such as scallops, mussels, and prawns. 

Vietnamese crepe

Banh xeo is famous in Vietnam's southern provinces; made from diluted sticky rice flour, then thinly coated on a pan and deep-fried. The dipping sauce is a unique attribute that gives pancakes their flavor. Each restaurant will mix the source differently so that it could be a different flavor. 

You can eat Banh xeo in two ways: rolled and mixed. With the way of eating rolls, people put pancakes on raw vegetables and then dip them in the sauce. With the mixed method of eating, banh xeo will be placed in a bowl, then cut more raw vegetables and eaten with relish. 

Rice paper mix

This dish is appreciated by children to adults. People in Saigon can eat rice paper mix every time because of its availability. The main ingredients are rice paper, dry shrimp, seasoned fried onion, and chili powder. The ingredients will be mixed with chili powder and oil with Vietnamese coriander; then, the seller will push more mango chopped fiber and hard-boiled quail eggs. 

They are sold everywhere, from the sidewalk to restaurants, at a reasonable price, just around 20,000 - 25,000 VND for one serving. You can easily find them directly mixed in your frond on street vendors. 

Grilled banana cake 

Vietnamese grilled banana is only found in street cuisine in Southern Vietnam. The main ingredient is bananas, and the seller uses medium-sized bananas. Glutinous rice is fragrantly cooked with coconut milk flavor. Bananas are peeled and covered with a layer of sticky rice. Then wrap the banana leaf around the outside, pinning both ends with a toothpick, and bake on the grill. 

A delightful plate of grilled bananas combines the sweetness of bananas, the fatty taste of coconut water, the meat of roasted peanuts, and the distinctive perfume of banana leaves, surprising the consumer with its delicacy.

Noodle soup (Pho)

Pho is one of Vietnam's signature dishes, famous worldwide. “Pho” came to Vietnam in the 19 century and had the origin of the French. The pronunciation of pho comes from the word ‘feu" in French, which means fire in “pot-au-feu" - a French broth with meat and vegetables. The Vietnamese adapted the soup over time, and it is now a clear soup with noodles, usually served with beef or chicken. This taste of “Pho" is almost rich with spring onion, chili, herbs, and bean sprouts. This dish also makes the famous Ho Chi Minh night street food. 

So if you can visit Saigon, try the top 5 signature night street food. Or contact Vespa GoGo to explore Saigon cuisine. 



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