best day trips from saigon

Travel Guide to The Best Day Trips from Saigon

Saigon is located in the Southeast of Vietnam and is often called Saigon - A locals name of the city. Saigon is the biggest economy in the country, with hundreds of tourists traveling annually. This city is famous for several spectacular landscapes and its dynamic style. This article will guide you on how to enjoy your best day trips from Saigon. 

best day trips from saigon

Guide for newcomers to Saigon 

Ho Chi Minh City is regularly the first choice of visitors when exploring Vietnam. For the newcomers, Saigon will be overwhelming and stranger with the energy of this city. With lots of things to do, tourists will experience the endless street food in the back alley to significant sites around the city. So, before coming to Saigon, let's make a detailed plan about the timeline, budget, and where to go. 

Saigon at a glance 

Saigon is the most crowded city, with a population reaching 8.9 million in 2023. The total area is 2.095 km2, including 16 districts. Saigon is famous for long-standing architectural works with Europe style. The official name of the city Ho Chi Minh City, was changed in 1975. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest metropolitan in Vietnam, so you need to make a timeline to explore the city in one day.

best day trips from saigon

The best time to go: Saigon’s weather is divided into two seasons, from Nov to Apr is dry, and May to Oct is rainy. In the dry season, the atmosphere in Saigon is usually around 30 degrees with a lot of sunny. In contrast, in the rainy season, the temps are going about 28 degrees and will be a sudden rain shower. 

How long to go: The ideal time is two days, but with one day, you are still exploring all the exciting things in Saigon. Vespa A Go Go will guide you to the best day trips from Saigon. 

What to eat in Saigon?

Each region in Vietnam will have a specialty of dishes, and Saigon has several must-try foods. In this travel guide, Vespa A Go Go will introduce the top 3 authentic Saigon foods for the experience. 

1. Vietnamese Bread (Banh mi) 

Bread is one of the world's best street foods and sandwiches. "Banh mi" - (banh mi /bn mi/) was honored to be one of three Vietnamese words included in Oxford dictionary data, along with "Pho" (pho /f /) and "Ao Dai" - (ao dai /a d/), all of which demonstrate the dish's popularity and irresistible charm.

2. Vietnamese pancake 

Banh xeo is a dish found throughout Vietnam. However, it is most commonly seen in the South Central and Southern provinces. Pancakes in each region will vary in color, size, filling, and dipping sauce. All types of pancakes in Vietnam are created from diluted rice flour, which is then thinly coated on a pan and deep fried.

best day trips from saigon

3. Beef noodle soup (Pho Bo)

Pho Bo is always on the top list of must-try food in Vietnam, which many foreign friends with high-rated stars have reviewed. The main recipe of this dish is the way they make the broth for a harmonious taste. Beef is stewed with cinnamon and rosemary for hours to bring out the sweetness of the broth. In Saigon, the taste is sweeter than in Hanoi, but it still keeps the authentic flavor of this dish. 

Transport in HCMC 

There are many transportation choices in Saigon at reasonable prices. When going around, you may be overwhelmed by the crazy traffic in this city. But don't worry because people obey the law in Saigon, and the congestion only occurs in a stable time framework. Vespa A Go Go will suggest some popular transportation in Saigon:

Grab/Be/Gojeck: These is three types of technology motorbike taxi in Vietnam; you can easily connect with the driver through an App. Not only locals but also foreigners can use this app. 
Bus: You can easily see the bus stop on the sidewalk or try a 2-floor bus for tourists around the city. However, waiting for the next bus will take longer, so be active in going by motorbike. 

best day trips from saigon

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