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Vietnamese Traditional Market: Ho Chi Minh Highlights

Vietnamese traditional markets are the best Ho Chi Minh highlights in the Saigon excursions which are a must-experience if you want to understand Asian market culture. When visiting Vietnam, this location is referred regarded as the tourists' shopping haven.

Vespa Gogo will give you the details you need to know about Vietnamese traditional markets before you start your adventure to explore the market, including: 

1. History of Saigon Markets
2. Types of the market in Saigon
3. Saigonese shopping habits 

ho chi minh highlights

History of Saigon Markets

At the end of the 19th century, Saigon was carefully planned with ample space after becoming the “Pearl of the Far East of France. At that time, when the nation was increasing its foreign trade with many ports, rice from the Mekong Delta was transported to Saigon for export. Since then, rice traders have built a rice market with hundreds of blocks of houses, then the economy has grown to include other market streets such as leather shoe street, cloth street, chicken street, traditional medicine street, etc.

ho chi minh highlights

Saigon has now the largest major commercial hub of Vietnam, where a variety of market models are accessible. Ben Thanh Market, Ben Nghe Market, Saigon Market, and Binh An Market are a few examples of old markets in Saigon that are described as consecutive streets selling all kinds of goods. The variety of things available at the market includes china, brocade, books, medicines, and tea without a shortage. 

In addition to the large markets in Saigon, as the population of the city increases, people from the rural relocate there to find work. As a result, tiny markets like the flea market and Saigon floating market are growing quickly. Due to people's need for everyday shopping, markets on the streets of Saigon frequently operate intermittently and without prior planning.

Types of the market in Saigon 

Shopping malls, convenience stores, and grocery shops are just a few of the new ways to purchase and sell in Saigon; nonetheless, they cannot completely replace the old market. There are markets on many of the street corners in Saigon, where there will always be a supply of goods. Numerous small grocers and sellers may frequently congregate in Saigon's large marketplaces. In the large market, you may get everything from souvenirs to dry products to fresh foods.

In Saigon's street areas, flea markets occasionally sprout up, frequently without the involvement of a state agency. Markets often only operate to meet the needs of the vast majority of residents in a certain region. The majority of the products in the market will be fresh commodities including meat, seafood, and green vegetables. The market will only be open for a brief period of time in the morning. 

ho chi minh highlights

The floating market is another one of Saigon's unique market designs. Products are directly sold from boats that have docked in the western provinces. Fruits and vegetables are already among the products available in the floating market. From 3 to 6 pm, the Saigon floating market is crowded. Prices are typically quite low because the commodities are sold to the public directly from the boats after being delivered from the gardeners.

Saigonese Shopping Habits

The consumer's shopping habits have a big impact on how marketplaces develop. People in Saigon enjoy going to the market first thing in the morning because they think the food would be fresher than at other times of the day. As a result, the markets in Saigon will open up quite early, around 3 am, and you will start to see stalls being sold.

ho chi minh highlights

Small markets in Saigon are typically open in the morning and late afternoon is the best time for people to still have time to go shopping before or after work. When deciding whether or not to return to a market, Saigon residents consider the following factors:

- The commodities in this market are diverse.
- This market is affordable.
- This store is close by.
- There are many fresh foods in this market.

If you want to experience Ho Chi Minh highlights, the Saigon traditional market is a must-visit if you wish to observe the Saigonese culture, people, and lifestyle. Opt for the Vespa Gogo tour, where you can experience the city on an antique Vespa.

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