what can you do in ho chi minh city

What Can You Do in Ho Chi Minh City: Saigon Bucket List

What can you do in Ho Chi Minh City if you can experience this city in a day? With the first-comers to Saigon, you can refer to the tour to explore Saigon by Vespa. This enables tourists to discover every corner of the city. Aside from sightseeing, there are essential activities in Saigon to learn about the people's lives. Below is the list of things to do in Saigon a day by Vespa A Go Go recommendation: 

Try the Net-filtered Coffee in Saigon

For pure coffee connoisseurs, brewing coffee with a filter is one of the most popular brewing methods in the past and present. Coffee filters are frequently used in small cafes with few customers, with a reasonably simple brewing method, simply waiting for the water to flow out slowly through the coffee powder due to gravity, so customers who come to the shop will have Time to wait for the coffee to be extracted as well as enjoy the pure coffee in its way.

what can you do in ho chi minh city

The cost of a cup of filter coffee is also reasonably low, allowing the vendor to equip multiple dispensing filters while keeping the price reasonable. The problem with this traditional brewing method is that it takes a long time, making it difficult for busy people to enjoy coffee filters. If you visit Saigon, try this traditional coffee with a definitive coffee flavor.

Making Vietnamese Ceramics 

Pottery is one of the essential innovations of ancient Vietnamese ancestors, and it has been inextricably linked with the lives of all Vietnamese people. Ancient Vietnamese pottery has evolved into a profoundly folk art form because of potters' ingenuity and skillful hands.

what can you do in ho chi minh city

To promote the Vietnamese pottery legacy, pottery studios in Saigon are becoming increasingly popular due to the inventiveness and uniqueness of ceramic goods. With the advancement of the art of pottery, many places now offer pottery lessons to help people release their creativity and create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Visitors to pottery workshops will be able to witness the process of creating a final ceramic product. Simultaneously, you can preserve the item as a souvenir when you visit Vietnam.

Driving on Saigon Street 

The Financial Times website features an article about international travelers' 12-day motorcycle tours of Vietnam. According to author Charlie Thomas, this is a beautiful trip and an opportunity to uncover Vietnam's hidden beauties. A motorbike tour around Saigon will allow you to experience the Vietnamese people's environment, way of life, and travel habits. The driver will take you to every area of Saigon city, especially on Vespa A Go Go tours. You will learn about prominent landmarks, delectable restaurants, and the Vietnamese way of life.

what can you do in ho chi minh city

All of your trips are covered for traveler safety. This is a must-do activity if you visit Vietnam for the first time. Visitors can select optional trips such as discovering food, learning about historical sites in Saigon, experiencing indigenous people's lives, or participating in entertainment events.

Try Craft Beer at Pasteur Street. 

Currently, the craft beer business in Saigon is growing. A few Hanoi craft beer producers have also begun participating in this playground, with numerous remarkable beers. Saigon, proud to be the country's leading cultural convergence and the source of the Vietnamese craft beer wave, has several prominent craft beer establishments led by specialists that began to flourish about in 2014 Saigon. Brewers are innovative expatriates already familiar with Vietnam's rich Craft Beer culture.

what can you do in ho chi minh city

Unlike other beer clubs, Pasteur Street Brewing is in a little lane before Pasteur Street. Although the setting is inconspicuous and not "noisy," the perfume of Pasteur Street Brewing's handcrafted beer travels to all beer enthusiasts. Pasteur Street Brewing is unique in that all of its beers are handcrafted. The beer at Pasteur Street Brewing is prepared with traditional Vietnamese ingredients such as passion fruit, rambutan, durian, black pepper, coconut, cocoa beans, and jasmine flowers.

After reading this post, Vespa A Go Go hopes that visitors will know what can you do in Ho Chi Minh City. Visitors can call Vespa A Go Go to learn about further unique Saigon experience trips. Please contact us straight away!


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