what to do in ho chi minh at night

What To Do in Ho Chi Minh At Night: Day Trips 2023

Travelers will notice Saigon's liveliness at night, dubbed "the city that never sleeps," comes alive from 6 p.m. until the following day. When visiting Saigon, tourists should take in the nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City. Vespa A Go Go will highlight intriguing activities in Saigon on its list of what to do in Ho Chi Minh City at night.

Acoustic Music in Saigon Pubs

One of the things you should do when you first arrive in Saigon is listen to acoustic music. Live music activities are typically held in the evenings and on weekends from Friday through Sunday. The majority of Saigonese prefer to listen to music at bars.

In addition to listening to music, guests can enjoy more alcohol in the bars. The combination of wine and a warm ambiance makes for an ideal setting for a night out in Saigon. Saigon is well-known for its many bars offering live acoustic music, particularly in District 3. You will appreciate various musical styles, from contemporary to classical, Asian to European.

what to do in ho chi minh at night

In the night tour of Saigon by Vespa A Go Go, visitors will enjoy acoustic music at a bar in District 3 in Saigon. In addition, in the tours of Vespa A Go Go, you will be introduced by the tour guide to the cultural beauty and life of Saigon people. At the same time, on the Saigon night tour, tourists will experience many different types of Saigon at night.

Chill Skybar with City View 

If travelers want a more delightful experience, they can go to the sky bar, which is located in an open space with a view of the city. This is a gathering spot for those who want to enjoy Saigon at night. Saigon at night, with shimmering street lights and lights from high-rise buildings. There will be a few prominent buildings in Saigon, allowing tourists to zoom out and see the entire city.

what to do in ho chi minh at night

D Chill is one of the rooftop bars with the best view and delicious food in Ho Chi Minh City's District 1. With a panoramic view over Saigon, this is a popular hangout for the city's young people. Because it is in the heart of District 1, nearly just across from D Chill, you can see all iconic buildings such as Bitexco, Landmark, and Vietcombank. This is a virtual check-in location for both Vietnamese and foreign travelers. Furthermore, the food is a plus, including snacks and a few bottles of beer. When visiting Saigon, this is a must-do activity.

Snail Food: Night Street Food 

The last activity on the tour to find what to do in Ho Chi Minh City at night is to sample all of Saigon's street food. If you are a food enthusiast, street food is heaven for you. Saigon cuisine at night is quite diverse, with many different choices, in which street seafood is a dish that attracts many tourists.

Snails are a cheap and excellent meal to serve at a seafood party. Eating snails is a popular pastime among many people, particularly young people in Saigon. The Oc Dao restaurant must be noted as a great Saigon snail restaurant in District 1. The restaurant is well-known for its traditional snail flavor and a wide range of high-quality dishes.

what to do in ho chi minh at night

Diners here must try legendary foods like jumping snails, garlic butter snails, fried squid teeth with garlic butter, fried crabs with tamarind, etc. The business features an extensive and open layout menu. Customers can freely select foods based on their preferences, thanks to diversity.

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