what to do in ho chi minh city

What To Do in Ho Chi Minh City on Vespa Tours?

Imagine how excited you are when traveling around Ho Chi Minh City in a La Dalat car. You will see the whole city on every street corner and immerse yourself in the Saigon atmosphere. If you are still trying to decide what to do in Ho Chi Minh City, come to Vespa Gogo to enjoy and explore the city on your vintage Vespa! 

On the road to discovering the wonders of Saigon, being part of authentic Saigonese, Vespa A Go Go will accompany you to create a fascinating journey. 

Saigon City Tour 
Healthy Life Tour
Street Food Tour

what to do in ho chi minh city

Saigon City Tour 

For more than 300 years of development, this city owns many antique architectural buildings. It will take you more than one day to visit all the places in Saigon. However, if you just have one day trip to explore Ho Chi Minh City, you can still enjoy the whole city. This journey on the Vespa Tour will take you to every corner of this city. 

Some of the historic structures in Saigon are the Independence Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Vietnamese Traditional Market, and City Post Office. You can also try to visit one of Saigon's many markets, which are active all day long. In addition to shopping, you may sample Saigon market cuisine.

what to do in ho chi minh city

Beauty Tour 

People in Saigon are particularly worried about their health and spiritual lives. They can get up early in the morning to work out and jog in the park. Furthermore, Saigon women engage in more beauty care activities including hair washing, nail painting, and hair styling. These activities all come from the tradition of the old Vietnamese women, they are very concerned about preserving their hair.

You will have the option to try hairdressing and shampooing with herbs as part of your healthcare journey. Natural materials utilized in the shampooing process include locust leaves, grapefruit peel, fallopian multiflora, lemon, guava leaves, and lemongrass. All of these components help to clean the scalp, stimulate hair development, and are very safe for health.

On the Lady Tour, you will experience shampooing at a Saigon standard spa, as well as other activities such as pottery making and tasting Saigon street food. These activities are ideal for ladies who want to immerse themselves in the lives of Saigon women.

Street Food Tour

Vietnam is well-known for its street food, and Saigon is the meeting point of various regional cuisines in Vietnam. A street food experience is one of the activities you must do if you are visiting Saigon. Exploring all of Saigon's cuisine will probably take a whole day, but you can choose dishes to try once when coming to Saigon. Here are some cuisine and flavor choices for you to consider.

what to do in ho chi minh city

1. Vietnamese Crepe (Banh xeo): Banh xeo is a popular cake in Central Vietnam. The major ingredient is rice flour, which is diluted and then thinly coated on a pan before being deep fried. To produce its unique flavor, the filling will incorporate beef, shrimp, onion, bean sprouts, herbs, mushrooms, and a variety of other components.

2. Vietnamese spring roll (Pho cuon): Because of its frugality and freshness of ingredients, this is the Saigon people's favorite summer dish. Pho roll is made with rice noodles, meat, herbs, and a sweet and sour dipping sauce.

3. Sweet soup: Che is a popular Vietnamese delicacy made with green beans, fruit, jelly, and coconut cream as the major ingredients. Vietnamese “Che" is created by combining tastes that create a mix of sweetness and creaminess.

4. Flan cake: The fatty flavor of flan, mixed with the sweetness of sugar and milk, has made it one of Saigon's most well-liked desserts.

5. Rice paper mix (Banh trang tron): This is one of the popular snacks among Saigonese, especially young people. You just need to thoroughly combine all the ingredients to produce the dish. Dried meat, cooked quail eggs, peanuts, rice paper, and dried shrimp are typical ingredients.

Please refer to Vespa A Go Go's day tours if you are visiting Saigon for a little period of time and are unsure of what to do in Ho Chi Minh City. You will have an interesting excursion to discover Saigon. Contact us for more information!


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