what to see in saigon

What To See in Saigon: The Most Specular Pagodas

Exploring spiritual tours is one of the activities worth doing when visiting Vietnam. Temples are not only places for Vietnamese people to profess their beliefs but also for festivals to preserve national cultural identity. Regarding each region, the pagodas will have diverse architectural styles. Discover what to see in Saigon with Vespa A Go Go and visit iconic temples.

1. The traditional Vietnamese Pagoda
2. Local Pagodas in Saigon 
3. The principles in Vietnam Temple  

what to see in saigon

The traditional Vietnamese Pagoda

Buddhism was first brought to Vietnam in the early Common Era. Temples began to spring up around that period. Every village will have a temple depicting the local culture and beliefs. In the religious architecture of the Vietnamese people, the place to worship the Buddha is called a pagoda, while the shrine and the church are the places to worship the gods.

There are 18,491 temples in Vietnam, accounting for 36% of the total number of relics. The temple is a place where Buddhism is spread. Some Vietnamese temples, however, worship gods (the Zen masters: Tu Dao Hanh, Nguyen Minh Khong, Ly Than Tong, Tran Nhan Tong) or the three religions (Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism) in addition to Buddha.

what to see in saigon

Vietnamese pagodas are frequently constructed in scenic locations. Vietnamese pagodas in remote areas are built using local materials such as bamboo, paintings, wood, bricks, and tiles. However, individuals frequently give pagodas the most significant materials they can.

Local Temples in Saigon 

On holidays and full moon days of the lunar calendar, Vietnamese people frequently visit pagodas, a cultural beauty that has been preserved for a long time. Several old temples in Saigon demonstrate the local people's religious culture. Tourists can visit the following prominent temples, according to Vespa A Go Go:

Cha Tam Church: Cha Tam Church in Saigon, Saint Francis Xavier Church. This is one of Saigon's ten most beautiful historic churches, with excellent and unique architecture in the center of District 5. The architecture of Saigon's Cha Tam Church is quite unusual. It represents a unique fusion of Chinese and European Gothic architecture. The church is over a century old and is a popular tourist destination for those that travel to Saigon.

what to see in saigon

Van Phat Pagoda: Van Phat Pagoda was established in 1959 by two monks, Duc Bon, and Dieu Hoa, to serve as a study and prayer center for Chinese monks, nuns, and Buddhists in the city and surrounding provinces. The temple is notable for its 10,000 Buddha sculptures and its distinctive architecture, which bears the impression of the Chinese people. You will find peace and tranquillity in your soul here, away from the stress and bustle of everyday life.

The principles in Vietnam Temple  

When visiting temples in Vietnam, keep the following ideas in mind:

1. When entering the temple's main house, enter through the side entrance rather than the central door, and do not walk on the sill but must pass through the threshold.

2. When visiting the temple, only burn incense at the top outside; burning incense within the temple may harm the Buddha picture and the Dharma.

3. Snapping photographs or film videos in pagodas or temples is not permitted. 

what to see in saigon

4. Do not rush around, chat, comment, sit, or lie in the Buddha hall. Do not sneeze, have a runny nose, or spit near the Buddha temple, the Three Jewels.

5. Do not stroll over the faces of those who are bowing.

6. When visiting the temple, avoid wearing skirts that are too short. 

Hopefully, this information will assist tourists in determining what to see in Saigon. For the best experiences, join Vespa A Go Go tours.


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