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Bia & Bite
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3.5 hours | 6pm – 9:30pm

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Vietnam is famous for its ‘Nhậu’ culture (gathering and drinking) & surprisingly, the craft beer scene is really booming in Saigon. On the Bia & Bites tour, we bring you our “Nhậu” culture with a new unique twist.

1. Enjoy 9 different types of local craft beer and hard soda. 
2. Savor tasty bites that fuse both Western & Vietnamese culinary. 
3. From the sidewalk to rooftop, experience Saigon’s vibrant nightlife. 

The craft beer scene in Vietnam can even be considered one of the best in Asia. 

We pride ourselves with our Bia & Bites because you’ll get to visit actual hidden breweries run by local brewers who are happy to share with our guests their stories and maybe even secrets, instead of just going to big chain breweries right in the center of the city which you can easily go by yourself. And taste 9 different kinds of craft drinks from ale, stout, wheat… to hard sodas made from fresh fruits.

The tour is a great blend between the western drinks and vietnamese way of drinking and having fun. 

As we say in Vietnamese: KHÔNG SAY KHÔNG VỀ(Not getting drunk, no going home)!


Have a drinking problem? We have a solution. Kidding but really!!!