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Vietnam is famous for its ‘Nhậu’ culture (gathering and drinking) & surprisingly, the craft beer scene is really booming in Saigon. On the Bia & Bites tour, we bring you our “Nhậu” culture with a new unique twist and blend the thrill of Vespa exploration with the rich flavors of Vietnam's burgeoning craft beer scene.

If you're a beer aficionado seeking a taste of something unique, join us for an unforgettable journey through the hidden breweries and lesser-known beer gems of Saigon. So raise a glass to adventure and join us for a ride through Saigon's hidden beer scene. Cheers to the ultimate beer lovers' escapade!

  • Enjoy 9 different types of local craft beer and hard soda from 4 different breweries.
  • Savor tasty bites that fuse both Western & Vietnamese culinary.
  • Meet the headbrewers and learn their secrets.
  • From the sidewalk to rooftop, experience Saigon’s vibrant nightlife.

Have a drinking problem? We have a solution. Kidding but really!


6pm – 9:30pm
USD 89

  • In case you want to book the tour at another time, please contact us directly via our hotline or email.
  • +84 385 312 407
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