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Our Saigon’s Secrets tour will take you back in time through major historical events & the old way of Saigon’s life. No rushing & no tourist traps, low-key and lesser-known, it’s definitely not your typical city tour!

Hop aboard our classic Vespas and let our expert guides lead you on a journey through the corners of the city. From alleyways that house a lesser-known historical site to a tranquil park, our tour is designed to unveil the true essence and secrets of Saigon, away from the crowds and tourist hotspots.

  • Relive spectacular historical moments on the tour.
  • Travel with insightful Saigonese guides.
  • Travel through 5 different districts on the tour and see many secrets of Saigon: The first opium factory, the last American helicopter leaving Saigon, a Chinese temple with an ancient custom etc.
  • Delicious local treats on the tour.


8am - 12pm
USD 59
USD 30
USD 15

  • In case you want to book the tour at another time, please contact us directly via our hotline or email.
  • +84 385 312 407
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